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Saturday, May 6, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Nahunta, Georgia on 2017-05-06 05:14:00 - 3rd x seeing ufo but videoed on the 3rd time.

I would like to tell you off the bat that i was in the u.S. marines for almost 8 years, and my last 5 years in the corps, i worked on a-6s and f-18s, so i am very aware of the normal behavior of aircraft and what they look like in the sky at night and during the day. as far as the object i am reporting seeing, i have seen the object on three different occasions in the sky, about a northeastern position, in a 5 day period. it was in the exact same position in the sky each time i saw it because of it's position between two pine trees. the first time was the 3rd of may, 2017 at around 10:15 pm while i was taking my dogs out for the last time of the evening. it was fully dark at this point and i was in my back yard which is fenced in but is bordered in the back of my property with a couple of very tall pine trees about 30ft apart, that is where i first spotted the light, in between the large gap of two pine trees. it was weird to me because i love watching at the night sky and this was a new light to me. at that time of night, you might find a jet or two flying very high up because i am about 80 miles northwest of jacksonville, florida but not on these nights. it was very quiet each time i spotted the light. i watched the light for about 15 minutes and it was very bright and did not move at all. during that time, it would slowly flicker out then it would flicker back on again. i was not sure what i was seeing on the first night so i dismissed it. on the next night around about the same time, i saw the light again. this is when i kind of freaked out because it was in the exact same spot in the sky. the reason i can tell you that is because i was using the pine trees as my reference. i didn't see it on the 5th of may because by this time, every time i would go out at night i would look for the light. the third time i saw it in the exact same position in the sky as the other evenings and it was very early in the morning, around 5:14 am on the 6th of may. this time i ran back into my house and got my cell phone and videoed the light. i only videoed about 5 minutes of the light before it flicked out and didn't come back on but this time was a little different. when i take my dogs out in the dark, i have a very powerful flashlight with me and when i saw the light, it wasn't very bright when i first got out in the yard. so i started shining the flashlight at the light in the sky; that is when it started to get very bright and slowly glow then flicker out then repeat the process. the other thing that was very weird to me is the light was very quiet. why i am saying this is because normally when there are an aircraft in the sky over my house i can hear them before i see them, either their strobe lights at night or sighting an aircraft silhouette during the day. i would say it was less than an eighth of a mile from where i was standing. when it was at it's brightest, it looked as if it was an upside down cone at the top of it and a very bright round light at the bottom. on the cone area there seem to be a red strip at the point. i live way out in the country so there was not a lot of other light sources out there to be a problem for me to see this light.

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Credit: MUFON

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