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Saturday, May 6, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Fountain Valley, California on 1980-07-31 00:00:00 - Two seperat sighting within 30 min of each other. after cluster of 5-6 crafts shot up and disappeared, city went dark 10-15 min. twenty minutes later larger craft appears similar pattern once this craft shoots up, city lights go off for about 30 minutes.

This occurred many years ago but it is something that i will never forget and as a result has impacted my belief system to this day. this was the summer of 1980 i was 17 the summer before my senior year. a girlfriend and i decided to go see a movie at the drive-in theater. during the movie i became distracted from the screen by a cluster of disk shaped objects that were moving in ways that we don't see aircraft moving. with extreme speeds, abrupt stops, and pulsating glowing yellow-orange lights. they were there long enough for me to without looking away, ask my friend to look where i was looking (i didn't take my eyes off them as i was afraid to lose sight of them) i described to her to look at the top left of the movie screen and tell me what she saw. i didn't want to describe anything to her because i wanted in her words, her description. i felt like i was seeing things. my friend described exactly what i was seeing. we both watched them in amazement and then in an instant they shot up and were gone. right after this occurred the city power went out. we sat in darkness talking, waiting for the movie to come on and wondering if our "neighbors" in cars near us also saw what we observed. honestly it was so shocking and we were 17 that we thought they would think we were crazy so we didn't ask anyone. approximately 10-15 minutes later the power returned and the movie resumed. shortly after the movie resumed a larger craft appeared with the same disk shape and pulsating yellow-orange lights. making the same bizarre movements and ultimately shot up and disappeared as the previous cluster did. this time after the larger craft left, the power in the city went dark again after close to 30 minutes, the theater announced to us they were not sure how long it would be for the power to resume and those wishing to leave the theater would get tickets to return at a later date. i was pretty rattled and distracted, no movie would keep my attention after seeing what i saw, so we left the theater. since i was the driver i took my friend home and honestly was too frightened to drive home alone after experiencing this. i called my mom and told her about my experience and basically told her i couldn't drive home i was too scared. she agreed to allow me to stay. i could hear a question in her voice but i was a good kid and she trusted me. i did not believe in ufo's before this occurred, i thought it was a ridiculous creation shown on the cover of "inquirior" magazine to sell magazines, as a side note. there were some very unusual occurrences in my life after this happened. that i believe are related but this is my sighting for this occurrence. i have always wondered if anyone else ever reported this occurrence.

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Credit: MUFON

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