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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Redlands, California on 2009-03-15 16:00:00 - Metallic cylinder hovering in the sky silently, lost sight for 1-2 seconds and it vanished without a trace

I was driving home from uor along university street in redlands, ca, and my eye was caught by a bright, reddish light reflecting off of something in the sky. when i looked out my window, there was a huge metallic cylinder hovering low in the air (much lower than airplanes fly, anyway) above an area a few blocks away from me. the object was larger than a passenger plane, and looked as if someone had taken a plane and removed all the paint, windows, nose, tail, and wings; just a big shiny metal can. interestingly, it was solid silver/chrome colored and there was nothing to indicate why the initial light i had seen was red. it was angled so i could only see the "front" of it, but it was completely flat, no cigar shape or point. since i was still driving as i was looking at it, i passed a tree which obstructed my view for maybe 1-2 seconds, and when i came around the other side of the tree, the object was completely gone. i had had my window rolled down and didn't hear anything before or after it vanished, and there was no trail in the sky or any sign of something in the distance, it was just completely gone. later that same night, when i was home, i was out on my balcony looking out over the area where the object had been hovering above, and i noticed that there was this really weird flock of crows flying around. there must have been a hundred or more of them, really a huge flock, and they were circling in the air and then slowly spiraling down towards the ground. my first thought was that it was a black tornado, but then i realized it was actually birds. i only just realized this site was a thing, sorry to be so late with this sighting submission. i hope it helps!

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Credit: MUFON

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