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Thursday, May 18, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Pawleys Island, South Carolina on 2017-05-15 22:30:00 - Simi-oval line of four orange orbs appeared over ocean brightening left to right in order

Around 10:30pm night of may 15th 2017 was sitting on the back porch of our rented beach house in a rocking chair with my feet up on the railing so i could comfortably stare straight up at the stars. night was very clear with little to no light pollution. was a perfect night for star gazing. back porch i was sitting on faces out due east towards open ocean. pawley's island pier is less than 1/8th of a mile up the beach to the south of the house's location (my right). heard a loud clap (like a large wave hitting the beach / distant clap of thunder / or someone dropping a large pile of wood off in the distance). this drew my attention to the horizon. about 5 seconds after this a fairly large orb appeared about 200 yards out to see to my east / south east (about 50-75 yards east / north east of the end of pawley's pier) and at an estimated 200 foot altitude. orb was orange-yellow in color and started out very dim and brightened. once the first orb was very bright a second orb to the left of the original appeared and brightened in the same fashion. this continued in the same way and in the same direction until 4 orange-yellow orbs were fully brightened in a semi-oval shape on a horizontal plane. orbs did not move or flicker. all orbs appeared and brightened in place with no movement or apparent sound. all four orbs stayed fully lit for about 15 seconds before all disappearing abruptly at the same time. it is hard to judge the size of the orbs based on distance and brightening pattern but my best guess would be that each orb's diameter was somewhere between 2-5 feet. 3-4 minutes later the same phenomenon happened as described above about 400 yards to the north (my left) and 500-600 yards farther out to see (to the east). i had my phone out ready to record for the second appearance. i recorded about 15 seconds of video but could not get the camera to focus or the lights to show up so i stopped the recording about 15 seconds in. upon checking the video on my phone after the phenomenon ended, the video was only 1 second long and abruptly cuts off when i pointed my phone up towards the horizon in the direction of the orbs / craft. said video is attached to report. i checked the beach and the pier minutes after the sighting and did not see any other people. all house lights on the beach were turned off due to local seasonal laws due to sea turtle breeding. there were not apparent or viable aircraft in the sky during the time of the siting and no fishing boats / boat lights out to see at the time of the sighting (or before or after). i did notice two satellites cross paths on the same plane (which i had never witnessed before) about 15 minutes prior to the sighting. a commercial airliner flew over at cruising altitude about 7 minutes after the second sighting. two "shooting stars" were witnessed coming from the sw sky tracking ne about 30 minutes after the second sighting

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Credit: MUFON

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