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Thursday, May 4, 2017

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Alien Encounter in Kent, Washington on 2017-04-16 10:11:00 - Entity materialized in the shower with me and physically assaulted me.

My girlfriend and i we're staying at a hotel on easter weekend. on easter evening, i've decided to take a hot bath and shaved my face as i soaked. when the water finally turned cool, i turned on the shower to rinse off and thought i heard my mother's voice asking me a question on the other side of the door. i had to reason with myself knowing that my mother was on the other side of the united states in florida, so i called out to my girlfriend as i shut off the shower water to ask her if she asked me something and she responded telling me no. i turn the shower back on again because i was covered in soap still and begin to rinse the soap off. i turned around away from the shower head and i was face-to-face with a very strange little creature that looked humanoid but very odd. it had a big head and no defined muscles under its skin but reddish blue type veins under its skin that appeared translucent. i have no idea how it got into the shower with me without making any noise but it scared the daylights out of me period i stumbled backwards a few steps in shock and this thing appeared to smile at me with a really creepy type smirk on its face. the eyes. it looked a little bit like what everybody describes the grays to look like but this thing was definitely not grey period it was more white like a translucent caucasian type skin and the eyes were not ginormous but small and beady. there seem to be indentations around its eyes that reminded me of when you wear swimming goggles and it leaves a brief impression into your skin from the shape of the goggle but there was no sign of anything else on its face or body. it was totally nude and sexless with no sexual anatomy whatsoever.. and yes i looked. it didn't seem to have any type of emotion but when i asked what it was or who it was, it's mild even bigger with its mouth but this strange little voice entered my head not my ears as if it was telecommunicating with me and it replied, "easter bunny" and the little creature smacked me in the face with an open hand. it's hand by the way i had three fingers which the tips of the fingers appeared to be squishy and padded. when it hit me i was scared but it made me mad when i realized it hit me. my face immediately felt like it was on fire and i could smell my skin burning slightly which smelled a lot like burnt hair. the creature didn't say anything else. in anger i grabbed the towel that was hanging on the shower and attempted to capture the little entity and touched his skin which grossed me out. it felt like the same exact sensation as when i pet a dolphin at six flags when i was a kid. it was very rubbery feeling. the creature also had what appeared to be three toes in the front and one strange little toe in the back coming out of the ankle that appeared to look like the heel of a high heel shoe sort of. it's feet made rubbery squeaky sounds in the tub when i try to catch him with my towel by wrapping the towel quickly behind its head and neck as if i were to choke it. at this point, i was very aware of what was happening and no longer in a state of shock like i was at first and all i can think about was pulling this little creature out of my tub and taking him into the other room to show my girlfriend and to have her take a picture of it. the very second that the towel went behind its head, it disappeared. i stumbled out of the bathroom freaking out and my girlfriend immediately pointed out there was something wrong with my face. she asked why i was yelling in the bathroom and what sounded like struggling as shampoo bottles were being knocked over. she was afraid that slipped and fell but was too busy on her cell phone to stop what she was doing to check on me. i took a look in the mirror and i had strange burns on my face. the very next day, i spoke to a close friend of mine and confided in them about my experience and they recommended highly that i go see a priest to possibly ask about exorcisms and explain my story to them. as soon as i got back from seeing the priest who gave me a clean bill of health on tape, i used the restroom and noticed that there was a dead fly that came out of me instead of poop. maybe 1 hour later i went to the bathroom again and was horrified to find that this time the entire toilet was filled with blood and when i wiped the toilet paper was solid blood. i became very ill feeling and lightheaded possibly from losing blood, i laid down to rest and felt as though i was going to have a heart attack. my girlfriend almost took me to the doctor to the emergency room that evening but i refused. the next morning i was perfectly okay no blood nothing. see pictures and audio attached.

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Credit: MUFON

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