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Friday, May 19, 2017

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Alien Encounter in Raleigh, North Carolina on 2017-05-18 01:07:00 - Silver ufo with windows, black aliens could be seen through the windows

I was walking outside around 1:00 am and just happened to look up to see a silver object hovering about 50 feet away from my position. i thought i could hear a slight hum sound but not sure. the craft slowly rotated until i could see what looked like occupants? the craft then came a bit closer and i could get a better view of the occupants. they were black in color and had something in their hands. it looked like a "wheel"? and the other seemed to be holding up a book or something ? maybe a calendar not sure. then all of a sudden i could hear some music coming from the ufo. i don't know how to say this , but it sounded like rap? the ufo hovered over me for about 90 seconds in all. i hope that you get a chance to look into this. just one caveat though, please don't let john ventre be the investigator on this one, he seems to be a racist bigot, and because the occupants of that ufo were black, he may not put a good effort into it.

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Credit: MUFON

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