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Thursday, May 18, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Langton Green, England on 1977-01-31 07:30:00 - Pearl-like glowing/reflective sphere with pulsating orange lights around it.

This incident was reported to police on the same day as the incident, an official ufo report was filled in then, which should be among british mod files ( i don't think they have yet released files for 1977 ). i can still recall the event clearly 40 years later... i was just heading off on my 45 minute walk to work, shortly before sunrise, when i noticed, about 45 degrees up in the clear sky due south, what can only be described as an iridescent pear-like sphere in the sky. it stood out very dramatically against the pre-dawn sky, and was about the apparent size of the moon in the sky. ( it wasn't the moon, which was below the horizon at the time, which i know as i am a keen amateur astronomer ). it was solid and reflected light but also seemed to be partly translucent and had a fuzzy aura around it. the object itself had an iridescent colour, like a pearl...But mainly silvery and pink surface but the edges were sometimes fuzzy. there were smaller pulsating orange orbs around the centre of it that seemed to be separate from the object itself but very close to it. it changed shape as i observed it ( while i was walking to work ), starting off as a perfect sphere and looking very 3d, but becoming flattened and disc shaped. when first seen it was the only thing visible in the cloudless southern sky. i observed it in total for about half an hour, during which thin clouds moved in and passed both above and below the object. which would indicate it was quite high up and must have been large! the object did not appear to move during this time...But towards the end of the half hour it just sort of curiously dissolved away over a few minutes and was gone. someone else must have seen it as it was very conspicuous...But to this day i don't know if anyone did.

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Credit: MUFON

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