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Friday, May 12, 2017

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Black Triangle Sighting in Litchfield Park, AZ, Arizona on 1998-01-12 20:30:00 - I saw this thing in the sky being chased by air force fighter jets

I was driving westbound on camelback road, which runs just south of the border of luke afb. i was returning a borrowed video camera and my four year old son was with me. it was january 1998. then i saw six air force fighter jets take off in front of me, right over the road and flew right over our car. my first thought was "night maneuvers," because tensions were high in the persian gulf at that time. then i thought, "those guys are going out like they're really going to fight," and i wondered if it was safe for them to take off so close together like that. then i looked to the direction they were flying, and i saw it. it was a big, black, upside down triangle with orange lights at each point of the triangle. that thing was huge - the planes few towards it for a long time, and never seemed to get close to it, though the planes were shrinking in the distance. then i felt kind of "funny" in my head. i was driving the speed limit there, which at the time was 55 mph. the road was bumpy, but at that time, i wasn't feeling the bumps in the road. i couldn't take my eyes off of it. then i realized my four year old was parroting what was going through my own mind. it was a "voice" that wasn't a voice, but more like thoughts. i got angry after a couple of minutes and said out loud, "get the f*** out of my head!" then it felt like the car "thudded" like it was being dropped to the ground and i felt the bumpy road under me again. then, just like turning off a light switch, the big, black triangle just disappeared. it didn't fly off, it didn't change direction, it was just gone. the fighter jets were flying all over up there where it had been, in circles. i was scared and was glad that they were up there. then they landed and i realized how alone i was on that road and how dark. i was terrified and actually peed my pants. my son said, "mommie, why did the pretty boat go away?" he didn't remember it the next day, never spoke of it and to this day, has no memory of the incident. i had to pull over for a few minutes, then realized again how dark and alone i was out there, so i speeded up, praying i would be stopped by a cop, so i wouldn't be alone. the next day, luke afb came out in the paper and said they had no reports and had no idea what anyone was talking about. apparently, this had been reported by other people. i know they weren't revealing what they knew, because i personally saw those fighter jets take off and go after it. i don't know whether to think those pilots were incredibly brave or incredibly stupid, but i was certainly glad to see them. i am willing to polygraph on what i saw. i have told my story to a few other people, but i usually keep pretty quiet about it. i am attaching a rough drawing of the sighting. hopefully this will make sense.

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Credit: MUFON

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