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Monday, May 29, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Portsmouth, England on 1966-08-30 00:00:00 - Object lit up bedroom approaching from se with rear view pale orange circle, continuing to nw at constant speed and altitude.. not an aircraft!

My attention was first drawn to my bedroom being lit up with a constant silvery/white light. i was in bed with wife and pulled curtains open behind me. i said to susan, my wife, look at this!!!! she was too scared and hid under the covers!!!! a dark object emitting a bright 'searchlight' was approaching from the se, which as it neared me descended slightly as it passed. although it was midnight the late summer sky had a moonlight out of sight. i had a clear view of the object, and was not scared as it showed no sign of aggression. perhaps i was foolish!!! my feelings were one of being totally awestruck as i could not recognise what i was seeing at all. there was no sound at all from the object and no visible means of support i.E. no wings.... it was travelling very slowly, maybe only 5mph constantly. i had a clear view of its rear when it had passed - it was just a pale orange round structure. it was 'flying' at only about 50 / 70 ft high, barely clearing some rooftops. it continued on a steady fight path to the ne and faded til out of site. next morning it was all over the southern news as 'several' other 'objects had been seen at the same time by witnesses from southsea sea front. they hovered over the solent water, changing colours and reportedly disappearing beneath the surface. i had been working that day and was sober. i do not take drugs. after investigation, it was declared that the objects were of unknown origin. a total mystery! a guaranteed true event!!! i declare there was nothing of this description to my knowledge in the world at that time. i swear.

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Credit: MUFON

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