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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

New 2015 UFO Sighting

Black Triangle Sighting in Nashville, Tennessee on 2015-05-20 18:40:00 - Please see comment belo for details

Watching an episode of unsealed alien files - mass sightings and d died i should reach out to you and report what my son and i saw....I'm in nashville, tennessee. the belle meade percy warner park to be specific... i'm 63 and take care of my dad stage 4 lung and brain cancer....Born and raised here. retired from car business..... aprox 2 years ago ( need to check date ) my son in his early 30's and after eating at a nearby restaurant were riding together on hwy 100 going towards town. we both watch ancient aliens and similar shows and frequently joke with each other about seeing a ufo. anything from plane lights to city lights, just a silly running joke between father and son. while driving and seeing lights from the field of a school shining thru the tree tops i said look ufo, ha ha....A couple of minutes later as we approached the intersection of old hickory blvd and hwy 100 ( percy warne park is no to my right) i saw lights and said look it's another ufo, but this time we both got a very clear look at a hovering triangle shaped craft with lights on all 3 corners and kinda looked florence on the sides...It slowly began to move angled where we could clearly see the bottom as it wen forward and myself still driving the park hills and trees, we lost it....Here is the thing on the other side of the hill is the steeplechase and harpeth hills golf course...It was not quite dark and a lot of rush hour traffic headed home.....My son grabbed his phone to take a picture but the flash went off and reflected into the glass so no picture. i was doing about 45 mph in the center lane and couldn't stop or pull over because of traffic. i never heard a report or anything about it anywhere. i went into a ufo sightings website and reported what we saw hoping to fix no someone else that witnessed it....Didn't happen. he and i speak of it frequently just to keep the memory fresh.....We both believe we just didn't expect to see ....As to the size. very large. filled a chunk of the sky, could have been anywhere from 1/4 mile up to a mile away....Hard to say but my guess possibly several football fields in size.....Thanks watching the show and read about you figured you were the one if anybody would be interested....Oh yea this area is the nicest part of nashville, lot of traffic, not quite dark, clearly visible....Somebody else had to see this other than myself and my son....At last he was with me so i have a witness....Thanks for your time..

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Credit: MUFON

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