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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Baldwin, Maine on 2011-08-31 04:00:00 - Observed a truly giant "space craft" fly over home

I was outside working with my dogs when i noticed a light coming out of the north east very fast.I ran inside and grabbed my binoculars and ran back on the porch.I observed an absolutely huge "space craft" bigger than most football/sports stadiums.The craft was at least a 1000 meters wide and even longer.As it moved towards me it appeared to be moving forward in pulses.But when it passed over me it no longer appeared to be pulsing forward but was moving quickly and normally. there was a blue light or rod that extended for 200 yards in front of the craft.There were two reddish lights pointing forward set 500 meters from the center of the craft.There was no noise.The craft was very low around 10,000 feet,way too low for something that size to be seen normally.The rear of the craft was an elongated diamond shape with two huge white lights that might have been exhaust vents.They were 50 yards wide and between 300-500 yards apart!There was a row of flashing white lights that blinked and moved around the two rear large white lights.The entire craft had a deep dark blue-purple hue to it.There was a row of flashing lights around the upper and lower rear rim of the craft that were constantly changing colors from one part of the spectrum to another every half second.The entire craft was inside some kind of distortion field that completely blocked out the stars behind it as it passed over me. the distortion field extended far to each side in a gull wing(stuka)shape.To either side of the craft but inside the distortion field were two red balls of light that were not visually connected to the craft.I watched it with binoculars for about 20 seconds and got clear views of it and i immediately wrote up the sighting in my written journal so i would not forget the details as i would never believe something so big and silent could exist! about 10 minutes after the craft passed over my house,i observed 3 or 4 military aircraft flying the same flight direction of the giant craft but at a lower altitude.Earlier that night at 11:30 pm there was a bright white boleous(shooting star) directly to my south over the gulf of maine.

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Credit: MUFON

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