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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Calgary, Alberta on 2017-05-03 00:00:00 - Quick, silent & lightless orb un-naturally crosses sky in 5-7 seconds

Was looking up to the sky, 12:25 am. about a minute ago actually . i just happened to be looking up at the sky while bbqing (late time to bbq i know lol) & i was looking at what i think was a satellite, then suddenly an object that was lower than the satellite and possibly higher than an airplane, starting flying quickly but steadily glided, it looked like a llowly lit orb type object that wouldn't have been visible unless you were focused on the sky like i was. it was so dim it probably wouldn't have been noticeable looking out of a window. it was dimmer than a star and almost blended into the sky but was clearly a sphere. from where i was it was pretty small but it looked like it would have been quite large or medium size judging on the altitude and size from where i could see it .. it was completely silent. gliding in an unnaturally straight line then dissapeared from my view within seconds. literally took about 5 seconds to travel across the whole sky (from my point of view which is still incredible, because it would take a normal aircraft about 1-2 minutes longer to travel the distance ). it had no trail, my mom and i both saw it and believe it was too faint to be a meteorite, too slow to be a shooting star and it was impossible to be any aircraft i know of as it had no lights or sound, and it glided in such an odd way, and was almost fluttering even tho it had zero lights on it, it looked like an orb with some sort of cloaking device if i could describe it best. . very strange. i've seen lights i couldn't identify in the sky before and humored that it could have been a ufo. but this one made me feel different. it was clearly an object with mass. and if not a ufo possibly a big and close asteroid, which i doubt because it would have been noticed by professionals i'd hope lol.

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Credit: MUFON

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