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Friday, May 12, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Tulelake oregon broader, Oregon on 1990-06-11 20:16:00 - Oregon calif area 1991 fire ball hovered and cut in front of car son is 35 five and still upset me to

Calif oregon area 1990 tulelake area at 8 pm that night in june we went to pay phone that was 3 miles away i me and son of seven yrs old i was busy on phone with my mother my son get my atten and i saw from the south a fire ball of orange coming to us i grab my son pulled in with me as it hooverd over us for a 2 min pd then i got him in car to get home on way home he said hear it comes again it flew in front of car and the car rocked when we got home my hubby said what took so long it was after 11pm i cant tell where all the time went but my son of 35 know is haunted bye that night still 3 weeks later he came down with a rare di and doctors asked if we have been out of the country we said no i also did some digging and found out that we lived only a few miles that were all those cows where mutilated so i really needs so help hear with my son and me my son are very smart he did 6 yrs army and i just cant shake it cause at times i have in my half sleep that orange ball in my house maybe 3 times my son is haunted terrible plz help

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Credit: MUFON

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