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Saturday, May 27, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Church Point, Louisiana on 2017-05-16 23:12:00 - Sphere object found

Observed a sphere like object in sky maybe 500 feet to 1000 feet in air. had some light like color while in the air sort of violet and at times like a greyish color and i watched it move from point a to point b in air and the seen it had 4 spheres around it. it landed about 200 feet rom me and there was a slight chime like sound when it was really close to ground. as it was about to land it appeared as if the 4 smaller sphere was getting closer o middle main phere and as far as i could see the four spheres went into the landing sphere. i made my way to object and found the perfect sphere resting onto the dry ground. at first i considered it was maybe a space fuel tank of some sort like oxygen tank or such. after about 10 minutes of observing the object from about 10 feet away i decided to get closer and as i did the light slowly faded away and i could still hear what sounded like chimes playing but very very slowly. i went back to my pickup truck to get a pair of gloves and when i went to return to object it had moved closer to where my truck was parked by about one half the original distance. the chimes sound was still coming from object and i knew then that a few tank would not produce any sound unless it was leaking high pressure or something like that? i touched the object to see if it was hot. it was neither hot or cold and as i touched it the chimes sound went away to a solid picted sound wave. about a c note? i knew then that this was some sort of military part most likely but why it had moved closer to my truck and appeared in its original flight path to move strangly, i knew the object was not a tank off some airplane or space craft . i went on ahead and touched it again and it was like a 10 second morse code was chimed out then silence again and i finally pick object off ground. it was somewhat heavy and felt like what a gyroscope feels like or a bike tire spinning as you hold the axel in your hands and the tire is spinning. so it felt as if it had some weight about 20 pounts maybe but not like picking a solid off the ground. always a feeling as if there was some form of gyro inside the object. every now and then there would be a chime like sound. i knew at this time this was not normal. i decided to take object with me home. after getting home i began using my tuning forks to fine the pitch it wwould make and every time i used a tuning fork it would respond witht the same chime like sounds and about 10 second would the chime like sound stay steady and then dissapear. i have now placed object into a hidden place in another state and would like to know how i could make sure this object is studied but not by military or any agency that would hide it from the public. this is first time i have allowed anyone to know of this object . i will not allow this object to be taken and will not place object where some special team of people can infiltrate and hide this onject from the public. so i need information as to how such can be studied by others but not placed into a situation where the government can hide this find? i want truth and pure absolute truth and ability to maintain object in my protected hands until i decide to allow it to be examined. it will reproduce the chimes like sounds any time i want to interact with sphere. i repeat what country or how can i present this find to the world and yet maintain such a force to never allow the government to stale this object or cover this up in any way. i know that there will be someone knocking at my door or following me to find where object is hidden but they will not ever find ths sphere without me. so any help would be helpful thank you so much

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Credit: MUFON

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