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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Michigan on 2017-05-14 00:00:00 - Have had many sightings since 1974 or 75; this report is of a 5/14/17 sighting i shot photos of and am submitting to michigan chief investigator daniel snow. it appeared as a very bright light in a cloudless sky in mid-afternoon; i could see figures.....

This report is being submitted by michigan field investigator judith kulka, having received an email notice from the mimufon director and chief investigator the afternoon of 5/22/17 requesting that i follow up on a phoned report from witness glen bishop. i reached glen this morning,5/23/17, and we spoke for about a half hour. [the only information i was originally given was that glen had pictures he'd taken of different unidentified objects in the air.] this witness does not have internet access at this time, [thus the reason for fi submission of this report] but has a smart phone on which he can submit pictures to chief investigator i'm focusing this report on the witness sighting of 5/14/17 that he photographed, and directed him to send the pictures to daniel snow, michigan chief investigator. this witness reportedly has had many sightings since his first up close event in 1974 or 75. [he at that time had possible missing time and unexplained marks on his arm. there also was another witness of that event; it happened at a nursery in florida where they were both employed.] the 5/14/17 event [the subject of this report] happened on a clear "blue" day in mid-afternoon in glen's north-facing back yard; it appeared as a very bright, stationary light. he first looked at it through his binoculars, but it was too bright to look at, so he photographed it. my second phone contact with the witness was this evening between 9-10:15 when i finished filling out the cms report and took more information about the witness and his sightings.

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Credit: MUFON

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