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Monday, May 1, 2017

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UFO Sighting in London, Ontario on 1964-06-30 00:00:00 - The object was moving very slowly white light. it then shoot to the east and stopped by airport. a search light from airport pointed at it. it moved then shoot up into space. then two small planes flew like a grid pattern back and forth

We where walking down third street coming back from candy store. when one of us saw this light in the sky. at first we thought it was a helicopter which in those days that would be something to see. being young boys we all thought maybe they were looking for bank robbers or spies. as it got closer it made no noise. it then shoot to the east at such a speed and then came to a complete stop. then a spot light which seemed to come from the top of the airport tower tried to shine on it. only reason i say this was at that time a spot light used to go rotate at the airport and that is where the spot light seemed to come from. every time they put the light on whatever it was it moved. then finally it took off into space at an incredible speed. a few minutes later two small planes begin to fly over back and forth sort like a grid pattern. we could hear them plan as day. anyone i told this to just laughed at me so i stopped telling the story. i was doing some research ans found a story about a young boy at about the same time seen a diamond shaped craft over manor park here in london. also my mother worked for a doctor and when i was young about 5 or so i would have to sit in the office and wait for her. the doctor had this huge space picture of what i gues looked like the galaxy. i used to always look at it and one day he said do you want me to show you where i came from. my mother said don't say that you will scare him. my mother was no taller then 5 feet and this doctor was that or shorter. he had white hair and he used to grow probably thousands of roses. i told my sister about this say a year ago. my sister is about 12 ears older then me. she told me when she was a young teenager my mother would take her to his office. my sister would take off all of her cloths be dress ib what she says was a lab coat and then he would run this machine back and forth over her. she says she was very frightened and after about the third time refused to go. she told me that both the doctor and our mother where very upset with her

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Credit: MUFON

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