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Sunday, May 7, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Toronto, Ontario on 2017-04-28 20:30:00 - 2 objects, like stars (brightness/shape), under cloudcover while raining over lake ontario right of qew to bound st. catharines-jordan, on, plane seen circling overhead before & after

I was driving from st catharines ontario to toronto on april 28, 2017 at approx. 8-830 pm. i was heading to see dilly dally play at the silver dollar room. after getting on the qew toronto bound at ontario st and heading down towards/through jordan, on...I noticed two super bright stars over the lake...Then i thought, wait...It's raining...And there are clouds everywhere, and i can't see any other stars...So, what are these two bright objects hanging over the lake....They were very low...Below the clouds, so they couldn't be stars. i could tell this because there seemed to be a plane flying in circles overhead, above the two shining objects. so the objects must have been huge. but my perception was that i could not actually see the objects only the light they were emitting. they looked exactly likes stars, like when you look at a star in the sky and it makes that star shape....Only much much closer, and out over the lake (ontario). i watched them along the whole stretch by charles daley beach, the beacon, burned out pirate ship etc...After going behind one of the sound walls, i lost sight of them, and when it came back into sight, i could no longer see the objects- though i could still see the plane i perceived to have been circling overhead, still flying around up there. the whole thing probably lasted about a minute for me...I felt they had disappeared by the time i came back around, but they were already there before they came into view for me...So i have no idea how long they were actually up there....Seemingly long enough for a plane to fly around them to investigate. it made me curious...I waited a couple days and googled around to see if anyone else made any sighting reports, but couldn't find anything. so i came here.

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Credit: MUFON

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