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Monday, May 29, 2017

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UFO Sighting in California on 2017-05-28 18:53:00 - I have pictures

i arrived at the venice beach boardwalk in the los angeles area to pick up my lovely lady annette at approximately 6:50 p.M.(pst) and as i walked up to the boardwalk where i was going to meet her, i also looked around absorbing the beaches scenery and greeted her with hug. i looked north towards the santa monica pier from where we were and i thought to myself what a beautiful sunset. i'm not a big social media guy but i like posting pictures of scenery and places so i decided to post one that moment. i stepped up with my phone and tried to focus on placing the beach, sun, and mountains as the primary objects in the shot. i took a the first picture and quickly glanced at the result on my phones screen, immediately realizing that there was a shiny aqua colored spot in my photo, i quickly assumed it was a reflection spot of some sort. in my mind i wasn't too satisfied with my picture so between the glance at picture 1st, and tapping the phone to zoom in a little closer, it took me approximately 8-10 seconds to take the 2nd picture later from the original shot. as we drove home i told annette to check out the picture i had posted on social media and i handed her my cell phone. immediately she pointed out the aqua sphere in the first picture to me as i drove, and without looking at it or skipping a beat i said to her, "i know it must be a glare or something", while i said that she had shuffled to the second picture and quickly replied. "the shiny spot's, on the two different pictures, and in two different locations?". we stopped and zoomed in on the phones screen and to our amazement there were also multiple sphere's within this electric blue sphere. the picture also captured the glowing spheres reflection in the sky.

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Credit: MUFON

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