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Monday, May 15, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Wichita Falls, Texas on 2017-05-09 20:15:00 - Bright light twinkling or blinking far off in the upper horizon, continuing to move ...

i stepped out our back sliding door to let our small dog out one last time. so i followed him out to make sure he went. we have three steps down into our tiny fenced yard, when i reached the bottom naturally i then looked up & flashing or what i thought could be a twinkling star was actually moving! i called back to the house & asked my husband to please come look. as we both stood there watching & trying to decide what we were seeing; i said, gee when need to take a picture! after a few & noticing a second bright light, i said, now we need to video!!! as dust turned into darkness i went to find my phone & started video. my plan was to just hold the phone in one place pointed above our fence & directly where we first saw the lights. needless to saw we were amazed beyond belief at what surfaced, blinked, come into focus & disappeared, & reappeared in a second, & yes, even shot beams of light downward. my husband is a skeptic when it comes to ufo's, but this evening may have made him a believer! what we were watching sure looked like round disk with something circular on its bottom. we back up to a street & a few cars did pass by, but the focus of my phone camera was difinitely way upwards of up towards the sky. you can hear our a/c unit kick on, as well as, our squeaky back door! my husband retired to bed, & when my arms gave out i said, enough for tonite. i was thrilled to have the footage & watched over & over. i repeated almost the same thing the next night. but their course had changed from the west to what i think is a little more northwest. i just turned to my right & started shooting over the connecting fence. where the first night seemed more like one or two interacting; there may have been four coming into the frame. i didn't stay as long as the night before, but my husband said, we had enough adventure for those two exciting nights!

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Credit: MUFON

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