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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Ocala, Florida on 2017-05-15 19:34:00 - I saw a green orb while photographing a sunset in ocala, fl.

on 5-15-17 between 7:34 and 7:36 pm in ocala, florida i was photographing the sunset. i took a total of 20 images with a canon power shot sx420is camera. the 8 images i have included in this report were the ones where the green orb is visible. in image 6268 there is a tiny black dot above a small white cloud. it is almost in the same position that the green orb appears in the following image. when i zoom in on the dot it does not appear to me to be a bird. i remained in the same position facing west while i took all of the images. the only change that i made was to zoom in and out on the sun setting behind the clouds. the sun was so bright that i didn't see the orb until i looked at the images on the camera. because i didn't actually see it outside i am not sure of the size or distance. there is a trail visible from a plane in the photos and it appears closer than the plane but i'm not sure. it moved to the left of it's original position and then it wasn't visible for one image and then it appeared in the top center of the next image. it continued up and to the left until it was no longer visible. the trees on the right side of the images are on my property approximately 75 to 100 feet in front of where i was standing. the tree that are along the bottom of the images are across the street. i also photographed the same green orb back on 2-21-17 at 3:42 pm in summerfield, florida. i took 6 images with my iphone 7 through my windshield. at first the orb appears behind some clouds then it moved slightly down. then it moved down and to the right until it was at the level of the trees. after i passed it when it was at the level of the tree i couldn't see it anymore. i pulled my car over and got out but i still couldn't see it. again i'm not sure of the size or distance. it was large enough that it caught my attention while i was driving. on the image where it is near the trees there seems to be some sort of pattern on the orb if you zoom in on it. i don't believe it was a reflection from my windshield or camera because it is the same green orb in 2 different locations taken with 2 different cameras on 2 different dates and times. i have included only 2 of the 6 images that i took that day. there weren't enough attachments to download all of them. if you know what this is i would appreciate if you would let me know. thank you for your time.

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Credit: MUFON

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