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Sunday, May 7, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Albuquerque, New Mexico on 2017-04-27 05:20:00 - Lights observed over neighborhood at dawn; silent; changed formations from solid ball to a "v" ; slow moving and vanishing, reappeared a week later same time.

Thurs april 27 2017 albuquerque nm usa 5:20 am in the early morning hours, my girlfriend was awake doing chores when she noticed a bright light coming in from the window. she watched this object for about 15 minutes before she excitedly woke me up before it went away. the sky was dark and stars were still visible, but this one was different. at first glance it looked like a tree top ornament floating a few hundred feet over the neighborhood. it had a round bottom and a funnel top, with lights radiating from all sides and all directions, like a star. it was silent and very slow moving. as it raised in elevation it began to change shapes: from a funnel to a ball, to a diagonal line formation, back to a ball. it even made a 3 point "v" formation. it drifted higher and across town towards the sandia mountains. it then began to disappear and reappear in a different spot close by in the sky. we felt we were witnessing something extraordinary, so we took multiple photos with 2 different cameras. after seeing the photos, we felt compelled to share at first. we understood the possibility of being scrutinized and doubted so we agreed to keep it to ourselves. we live in an area well known for hot air balloons, passenger planes, police helicopters, and military jets. this object wasn't any modern recognizable craft. albuquerque is home to kirtland afb but on that day and in that time frame we did not notice any jets or helicopters in the sky to intercept or investigate. thurs may 4 2017 albuquerque nm usa 5:30 am exactly one week later we noticed it again. it was further away over the sandia mountains. i was up early getting ready for work, and it was doing the same formations. again we took pictures of it. i asked my coworkers if they noticed anything. one of them told me that he had seen something similar early sunday am before dawn (4-30-2017). later on that day we noticed various helicopters in the air all day long. after hearing about his sighting, we felt we had experienced something and decided to share this experience. ever since then we have been watching the skies with scopes. even though this happened during a atime of heightened national security threats, we do not fear this object. it hasn't threatened us or harmed us. we feel that this object is advanced, intelligent, and not of this world. we have never doubted the possibility of alien technology. we feel privileged to have witnessed it and hope that by sharing this, others will come forward about this as well.

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Credit: MUFON

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