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Sunday, May 7, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Rancho Cordova, California on 2017-05-04 20:30:00 - Rancho cordova ca ufo below treetops

At 8:30 on may 4th 2017 my fiance and i were leaving the monster / golf spaghetti factory complex on folsom blvd at hazel ave when i spotted the object at about 45 degrees from the horizon in the south. the weather was overcast and cloudy with winds from the west at 10-15 mph. when i first saw it i thought it was a helicopter because of the green flashing lights that at first looked like navigational lights. the object had a dark matte grey or black finish and was silhouetted well against the clouds. it descended to a level where it was obscured by the parking lot tree then descended to full view across the street. the completely silent object was approx 60 foot in diameter saucer shaped with three white lights on the west facing side and a red glow underneath. it stopped descending and hovered about 20 feet from the ground about 180 feet away. the object showed no visible signs of propulsion nor did it disturb the vegetation in anyway. at this point my fiancee wanted me to take a picture so i sent her for my phone in the car. it seems as if the ufo knew she was coming back with a phone because it started moving off as soon as it was in her hand. we found it strange that no one else seemed to notice it even though there was other people in the parking lot with us and cars passing by. i was completely memorized by the how smooth it moved and how it was unaffected by the wind. when she got back to me i had walked to the corner of folsom and hazel so as not to loose site of it. it glided away smoothly into the aerojet property.

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Credit: MUFON

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