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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Springfield, Massachusetts on 2017-02-25 18:00:00 - Witnessed 4 orbs flying over my house about 1 minute away from each other. got 2 of them on video.

My family and i were getting ready to go out to eat. i went to my front steps to smoke a cigg and wait for them to finish. after lighting the cigg, i looked up at the beautiful sunset and noticed a bright light in the sky. at first i thought it was a star but as i stared at it i also noticed that is was making a beeline in my direction. it looked like one very bright orb. i followed it with my eyes as it flew over me and my house quietly. i turned back towards the sunset again and i saw another orb coming towards me. it looked exactly like the first one. i jumped up and opened my front door and yelled out to my daughter to bring me my phone. by the time she brought it to me, the second one was gone. my son and boyfriend came outside also. as i was explaning to them what i saw and where, a third one showed up. i open my phone and started recording. i followed it with my phone not moving my feet and when it was directly above me the orb like light turned off and the surface became solid black. it stayed black untill it flew over my house. i stopped recording thinking there was not any more. i turned and lookd in the direction they al came from and lo and behold there was one more. i started recording again and followed it as i did with the third. this time the orb like light stayed on the whole time. i stayed for about 5 more minutes to see if there were any more and there wasnt. i left out to eat with my family after the incident. i didnt do anyhing with the video convincing myself that i did not see a ufo and it had to be something else. then i forgot about it for about 2 months. one night i had a bon fire at my house and told my friends about the incident. they didnt believe me so i showed them the video. everyone was convinced that it is a ufo in the video. so i've decided to report it so it can be investigated because i would really like to know if i actually saw and caught a ufo on video!! i would rather not upload my videos online untill i find out if it is legit.

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Credit: MUFON

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