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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Arcadia, Louisiana on 2016-07-31 00:00:00 - Yellowish oragne orb appear out of nowhere while waching night sky

Relaxing after a night watching a musician perform at the campground stage. stared at the sky halfway dosing off laying on a bench and stuff for 2~3hours. opening and closing my eyes probably was looking up for least 1 hour. loosey hoping and expecting to see a star ship at some point. then i saw a orb that looked like a yellowish organe like a incadencent lightbulb. slowly turn on in the sky over about 4 seconds then about 5x faster fade away. it slowly dirfted to the north and then vanished left 2 right in my vision perspective. i think around 5,000 feet above me . could be abit off didn't really have much reference points but thats what i think it was. the orb wasn't that large just i think around the size of a small private jet but course there muti-dimensional so the light might not even be coming from a craft with any physciality at all. basically it looked like a varying brightness mini similar verison of the sun but more oragney. like 2x more was pretty cool but was so brief and not all that remarkable i didn't really feel much sides oh thats pretty cool. yawn didn't mention it to anyone for couple days at least then told my friend i went there with jaye who's seen stuff like that b4 who thought it was cool. i lost sight of it because it dimmed it's light competly and im not sure how to remote view yet and also didn't understand telepathy then either so. looked like some super dark orb craft ,barely visible if it all or similar shape created the light around itself probably some qunatum technology. also the light grew with the intensity and then shrank with it turning back off. to probably 8x~10x size of orginal object or craft then back into nothing may have seen some sort of super dark orb like craft for split second b4 that faded after light was almost off or off. also i know a guy who knows how to summon ufos. i feel like i will get to meet whoever was in that craft eventually.

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Credit: MUFON

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