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Friday, May 19, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Louisville, Colorado on 2017-05-15 22:45:00 - Two lights came eastward, hovered for ~1 hr, a 3 rd light was seen to the nw (all three were parallel).

It has been my consistent habit each night to observe the stars and the constellations, follow their movement through out the season. on 5/15 at ~ 10:45 pm i took the dog out for his last walk and looked for the following constellations: orion's belt, the big dipper and the little dipper. i found orion's belt and the little dipper when i noticed three lights coming towards me. two lights were above and one below in a triangular formation. i thought to myself three "airplanes" do not land at the same time. it was my impression all three were in the same landing pattern heading towards rocky mountain regional airport. the two upper objects were parallel and they easily had to be over the flatirons, when the lower object did a drastic starboard turn (i saw the red light of the left wing) and the object headed south and was gone. i firmly believe the lower object was a real airplane. to my dismay the two upper objects all of sudden hovered and remained stationary in the sky. that is when i frantically ran and asked my neighbor to come out and watch this phenomena with me. it is now ~11 pm. in addition to the two hovering objects we identified a new object to the nw (approximately over the lyons area?). all three objects were stationary in the sky and hovering when my neighbor noticed that the southern object shifted outward and shifted downward from formation. at that same time we followed a plane heading west as it flew greatly under these hovering objects. flashing lights could be seen on all three objects, primary the southern and northern most objects. 11:20 pm my neighbor went back inside, dismissing the objects as a possible military exercise while i remained outside watching. next i saw a new fast moving object in the sky moving from east to west. this object was low in the sky, moved fast, and moved underneath the two objects hovering to the immediate west. as soon as this fast moving object went underneath the two stationary hovering objects, all the objects (the two stationary objects to the west and the one to the nw) started to move away. at ~11:45 pm i called my neighbor back outside to watch this movement with me. we both noticed the illumination of the lights on all three objects had dimmed leading us to believe that the objects appeared to be moving away from us, that is westward. and the object in the nw appeared to have moved to a higher altitude as it was moving further from us as well. my neighbor and i concurred that these objects were lower than stars, and their uniquely brilliant white light and flashing colored lights (red and green-blue) where uncommon. at midnight, the neighbor and i both concurred it was an unusual phenomena. we do not know what we saw but we know they were not stars.

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Credit: MUFON

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