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Friday, May 12, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Flagstaff, Arizona on 2001-05-25 00:00:00 - Ufo sighting in flagstaff az, cinders on may 25, 2001 (memorial day weekend)

My wife and i had just purchased a banshee atv in 2001 and our neighbor invited us up to the cinders in flagstaff to camp/ride. we got there late on friday, just before sunset. we drove around trying to find our friend among all the people camped, but couldn't find him and the sun started to go down so we chose a spot outside the last of the other campers. while i was pitching the tent and setting up, i noticed a bright (star) between two tall pine trees. a little later i glanced up again and it had moved maybe a foot, but then later when i glanced up again at it, i noticed it had moved a foot upward and in a non-linear direction from the first two views so i knew that was not right and went to the truck and got my binoculars out for a closer view. to begin with, it caught my eye due to it being so bright and seemingly close, but had initially just dismissed it as being the north star. so when i looked through the binoculars, i couldn't focus well so i went to a nearby tree with a branch and steadied the binoculars. it was not quite dark yet. when i focused, i couldn't believe it. i called my wife over and told her to pinch me and tell me i'm not seeing what i saw. she looked through and saw the same. what we saw was points of light connected by beams of light. it was irregular in shape and was slowly rotating around. the best way i can describe it, is if you remember the old wooden erector set toys and connected wooden balls with the sticks and made an irregular object all connected and began rotating it around. it was transparent as you could see through it to the points of light and beams of light on the other side as they rotated around to the front. after looking for just a few minutes, i suggested we jump on the quad (atv) and get a closer look. so we doubled up and drove towards it through the forest of the cinders. while driving the sun had gone down so i flipped the lights on and kept driving towards it. we must have gone just about two miles and then all of a sudden it took off in the opposite direction in a instant and appeared to just stop way out on the horizon. at this point, it seemed futile to drive any further so we stopped and i picked up the binoculars and tried to view it again, but could only make out the glow of it that i had seen from my naked eye to begin with. at this point, we decided to return back to camp. (i just saw the show 'ancient aliens' on the history channel and they mentioned mufon - so looked it up and decided it was time to share our story with the wider audience in case someone else saw the same thing at that time).

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Credit: MUFON

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