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Friday, May 12, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Norwalk, California on 2000-09-01 00:00:00 - while working as the watch deputy for norwalk sheriff's station i recieved a 911 call about a ufo over norwalk. i observed the craft.

i was a los angeles county deputy sheriff between 1989 and 2000. i was a patrol deputy for the norwalk station. one night i was working inside the station handling the 911 calls while i was recovering from injuries sustained on duty. i received one call from a male who told me i should look out the station towards studebaker road and i will see a ufo over norwalk. i when outside the station and looked west in the direction of studebaker road. i did see a solid bright red sphere hovering over norwalk. the distance between studebaker and the station is several miles away. there were buildings across the street of san antonio dr. i was looking at the craft that was hovering without motion or sound. the red light was bright and solid. brighter than flares and no sparks falling. between height of the buildings across san antonio and the distance the object. i estimated the craft to hover at around 2500ft. the object was big enough to see its circular shape under the red glow. i estimated the craft to be about a vehicle size. i told the caller to call back on the non emergency line so i could talk in detail with him about this. i called our aero bureau on the land line as i was advised by the watch deputy not to broadcast it out on county wide broadcast. i called our aero bureau located at long beach airport and talked to the watch sergeant on duty and advised him of the caller and my observations. he asked me what i felt it was and i said extraterrestrial as i knew it was no flares, military vehicles, civilian aviation. etc., etc.. (aviation lights are only a faa regulation. extraterrestrial vehicles don't have to play by the same rules, so no aviation lights on this object). the watch sergeant advised me that they had a bird there at long beach and would fly out to check it out. i went back to the caller to advise him that we were sending the helicopter. i kept going out for the next 10 to 20 minutes to watch this craft that did not move or change in anyway. about that time i saw our helicopter come into view over the 5frwy in a direction coming from the south to north. the helicopter made a straight line to the craft. at that point when the helicopter came within i would estimate 1 mile from the craft, i could now see the craft to be at a height higher than the helicopter by about 1000ft, and the shape was larger than the cab of the helicopter by 2 times. as the helicopter came closer, the object just dropped straight down faster than gravity pulls objects down naturally. the craft disappeared in an unknown direction. later i called the aero bureau and talked to the pilot myself. we both agreed on what we both saw. he advised me that they (observer) did in fact see the craft as they were coming into norwalk. the pilot estimated the craft to me about 30-40ft in diameter. he stated they were at approximately 2000ft as they approached and estimated the craft to be hovering steady at about 3500-4000 ft. he did say that both him and observer saw the craft drop straight down towards the houses below in a very fast speed, however they did not see what direction the craft flew. they did say it did not touch earth.

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Credit: MUFON

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