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Saturday, May 27, 2017

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UFO Sighting in New Fairfield, Connecticut on 2013-07-03 21:00:00 - Three "dancing lights"

I was on my way to town. to hang out with some friends. when passing the town park i out of the side of my eye saw a light, i looked over and saw three, i couldnt distinguish it at first. then it seemed odd. i slowed down to a stop, i looked and saw three lights, they were moving too slow to be planes, and i thought i might be a helicopte, but there were no flashing lights and no sound. i kept watching and it was so odd. i've never seen anything flying like this. they were just above candlewood isle. each light would sort of dance do a loop quite fast around the other in a counter clockwise motion one at a time, around the one that was sort of in the middle, or at the bottom of the other two. they would take turns. all while traveling decently slow north-ish along the center of the lake. but when they would dance around eachother it would occur crazy fast, too fast to be something manmade that i know, well in that motion at least. nowhere near supersonic speeds or anything like that. but fast, like with a snap of my fingers, occasionally they would go slower around eachother. they kept a close proximity to eachother, although they were covered in white light, there seemed to be a physical body to them, due to the brightness and it being night i couldn't make much of that out.Now it was rather hard to tell how big they were exactly or how far they were, but i would say the size of an suv, a little bigger maybe two suvs side by side, again it was hard to tell. although they were covered in white light, there seemed to be a physical body to them, due to the brightness and it being night i couldn't make much of that out. they did this and moved about maybe 5 minutes until they went beyond my sight due to the next mountain the end of vaughns neck. when if first noticed it, one car passed me by, and i waited begged the lord for someone to pass by to see what i saw. i would have told them to "look at this are you seeing this/ have i become delusional?" it was completely out of this world. i had no phone at the time so no way to take a picture. and while iv'e watched ufo shows like any normal person, i don't really believe the stuff. i mean some stuff is cool and raises questions to myself, probably the phoenix lights the most. but if anyone had told me they saw a ufo, id just brush it off, or maybe even think they were just a little weird, or a total liar. i can say, that it was the most beautiful thing i have ever seen, it brought a strange peace to myself. it was amazing. in fact when i see lights out of the corner of my eye i always check, in fact iv'e almost crashed a couple times because of this. i beg and pray i will see it again. now i am so open when people say they have seen a ufo. i don't tell too many people, the friends i met up that night of course because i was so bewildered, and my father, but no one else really because well, they'd think im crazy or a liar, or just didn't know what i was looking at. i wanted to share this with you, dunno why it took me so long, but since your the main entity for this sort of thing, i guessed i probably should in the name of science. since your site requires a name i made it up. i really don't want this going in some file that says oh so and so saw a ufo. i did give my correct email in case anyone has more questions for me. also, the date i guessed to my best knowledge, it was that year and i believe am almost certain that month, the time was estimated, but the day i really am unsure of.,sorry. i somehow know that in my heart, whatever beings were in this ship, are not harmful, the way they played or i prefer "danced" around each other, was elegant, peaceful, so fluid, not perfect movements, but so.. i cant even describe it. it was wonderful, and while my whole life i have had issues with believing in something, anything that gives more meaning to life, this has helped tremendously, that one event. it isn't that its something i obsess over either, it doesn't drive me nuts or start collecting ufo shit,i do check the sky more, and search ufo sightings. but it brings me a calming peace that there is something else. thank you for the time reading this long message. again feel free to email me with any questions. i said pretty much all i can say about it, but im always open to inquirys. good luck with the hunt!

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Credit: MUFON

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