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Sunday, May 7, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Albuquerque, New Mexico on 2017-04-28 05:20:00 - Lights observed over neighborhood at dawn; silent; changed formations from solid ball to a "v" ; slow moving and vanishing, reappeared a week later same time.

Thurs, april 27 2017 albuquerque, nm usa 5:20am in the early morning, my girlfriend was up doing chores and noticed a bright light from the window. after she pondered what it was for almost 15 minutes, she decided to wake me for my opinions. she was excited about it and made sure i woke up before it vanished. the sky was still dark and stars were still visible, but this one light was clearly different. at first glance it reminded me of a tree top ornament; it had a round bottom that stretched upwards like a funnel. it had flashing lights in all directions, mostly white beams but with colored highlights. it was silent, and slow moving, hovering a few hundred feet above town. as it floated upwards and away, it began to change shapes: from a funnel, to a ball, to a diagonal formation of 3, back to ball, reverse diagonal, to a "v". as it floated higher and farther away across town towards sandia mountains, it would disappear, and reappear in a different spot. this area is well known for balloons, passenger jets, police and military craft but we had not seen anything like this. albuquerque is home to kirtland afb, but on that morning for almost an hour there were no recognizable craft in the air, not even to intercept or investigate it. we felt amazed at what we were both witnessing and decided to grab cameras. 2 cameras took multiple photos of it before it disappeared over the mountains as the sun came up. as we were going through our photos, we wanted to share them. we knew the risk of being scrutinized and decided to keep it to ourselves. thurs, may 4 2017 albuquerque, nm usa 5:00am exactly one week later, i was getting ready for work and we noticed that same star-like ball of light, but this time it seemed farther away. again the cameras came out, and we observed it going through it's formations over the sandia mountains before the sun came up. later that day we did notice an increased presence of unmarked helicopters. i asked some of my coworkers if they had noticed anything on that morning and at least one told he had seen something similar on sunday 4-30-17. he told me he observed it before dawn and described in the exact same way: slow moving, star-like, doing formations, over the mountains before sun came up. after hearing about his sighting, i felt convinced we had something worth sharing and investigating. ever since then we have been actively watching the skies with scopes, hoping to witness this again. even though this happened during a time of heightened national security alerts, we do not fear this object. it did not threaten or harm us. it was a fancy light show for those who were aware of it. we have never doubted the possibility of alien technology or beings. we feel that what we photographed is highly intelligent and not anything we have seen from this world.

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Credit: MUFON

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