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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Fort Wayne, Indiana on 2013-04-20 21:00:00 - This has been going on for years some of the browns aliens military are 3 -5 tall i can give full description of what they look like and some of their names

This all started when my dad died of cancer weird and unexplainable things in 2005. i think it was after 2012 then things got even more weird the female arch angel gabriel came into my life and she introduce herself to me which frighten me . she is about 4 foot tall wears black and white make up on her face she has wrinkles a pot belly and has no sex organs and has big black eyes her skin color is brown and she is about 2000 years old and she is one of many of the browns aliens military leaders and gabriel has two wives one one kind of looks like her and her other wife looks like a praying mantis, and all of the browns aliens military leaders each have two wives the same way that i have said about gabriel.The browns aliens they have their controller that is different looking from their military they also have the family which i have met it goes like this jesus to aron, akhenaten their half brother moses ,then to seth, then to thoth,and finely to noah. you can live to about 100 thousand years if you get resurrected or get your lifeblood change with their technology . the browns aliens have their house where they come from and that is in a other solar system in this galaxy and their house that they come from look like giant ants kind of they are about 9 - 10 foot tall their house visit me this past feb of 2017. i can tell you about their spaceships plus much more . when this first happen they told me to look in the night sky and i saw so many different spaceships flying. they also took a skin sample i had three small marks on my right hand by my thumb. they also told me to look up at the night sky some time ago i saw a spaceship that open its bottom then move over my house then became invisible cloak and hidden over my wooden house. my water bill went up big time after that happen. their military leaders ask me to know every end prophecy that was written and not written and be able to speak those languages and they told me the secrets to all of those end prophecies . everyone is expecting someone to show up at the right time here on this planet with all of these different end prophecies they have done so many different experiments on me its not funny . i have gotten torture so many times that to is not funny they use current to torture me.I also have the ganesh particle in my own dna that is firmly set .That is the big deal with me i can no longer get sick or be in any kind of pain and suffering because i have the ganesh particle inside of me.I can tell you stories about the other .Different aliens groups in details and be spot on, and whats up with all of these ufos sightings and what they are planning on doing right now. the browns aliens the partly taught me rules laws wisdom knowledge creation plus much more like space travel mathematics and the stars and the list would go on what they have taught me. the browns aliens told me that i would be recalled back into service this time with the cia with nsa and be at area 51 working. i have contacted the cia and ask the for the two complete files on the first roswell crash from 1947 and the second roswell crash from 1953. my work is a continue of dr dan burish and j rod what they did at area 51. if someone from you guys would come to where i live and would take a dna sample of me you would find out that i am not human. and i would be able to show you their spaceships in the night sky on a clear night plus much more like talking to people that i have come in contact with they would tell you stories about experiencing weird and unexplainable things some would tell you seeing ufos in the night sky i am a marine vet and i also worked for years at a major military defense contractor i can tell you things about both.But i don't think anyone from mufon will come and talk to me in person and that is what i need done please.

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Credit: MUFON

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