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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Brentwood, Missouri on 2017-05-05 10:20:00 - Taking pics of a com tower, i observed star-like points of light when editing.

During the morning of may 5, 2017 i was taking pictures from the base of and across the street from the 360' free-standing microwave tower at the intersection of hanley and manchester roads. i wanted a good picture for a power point presentation. the next day i was editing the pics for clarity by zooming in. although my eyes had seen nothing but clear sky the previous morning, in two of the three pics there was a star-like image above and just right of the tower top. the three pics were taken 2 seconds apart; the image was not in the first pic but in the next two (see file 1). so within a 2 second time frame something wasn't there and then it was there for 2 seconds. seemed strange. noting that the second two pics were taken at 10:20am, i returned to the exact photo spot in the industrial park south of manchester rd. on may 7 at 10:30am and took a series of 12 tower photos spaced 2 seconds apart: the first pic had nothing but tower in it, however in the next 11 frames there were a total of 22 points of light. i have included frames 5 and 6 (files 2 & 3) where you can zoom into two lights directly over the tower in #5 and two seconds later in #6 they are gone but now there are two lights considerably right of the tower. i returned on may 9 at 10:20am and took a series of 10 pics, 2 seconds apart. seven of the frames had 9 lights. i have included frames 1 and 2 where the light(s) has a fuzzy quality (files 4 & 5). i returned at 10:20 on may 21, took 10 more pics and caught 4 more lights. in summary, on 4 occasions i took a total of 35 pics and zoomed into 38 points of interest. my first inclination was to think in terms of the sun reflecting off of aircraft coming in and out of lambert international, 12 miles due north of the tower. however, i couldn't account for the now-you-see-it and now-you-don't aspect of the pics; these two disappear and two seconds later two appear somewhere else. also, on very deep zooms it seems there may be a distant light or a light that is coming into focus.

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Credit: MUFON

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