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Sunday, May 7, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Waxahachie, Texas on 2017-05-06 21:18:00 - A glider type object flew approximately 50 feet above my head flying directly north. object was completely silent moving approximately 8-10 mph and was observed for 30 seconds before disappearing

On saturday, may 6, 2017, at approximately 9:15-9:20 p.M. central time, in waxahachie, texas (latitude 32.4098 longitude -96.8454) i noticed a glider shaped object flying approximately 50 feet over my head. its wingspan fully covered the two-car driveway i was walking on, and then some. i was walking directly north towards my house after checking on my kids who were attending a birthday party at another one of the town homes in my complex. i noticed something just above my line of vision. at first i thought it was a cloud forming, as it had the consistency of a fine, mist type cloud. as it continued to move forward i realized that the object had a solid outline and a consistent shape, like a hang glider (somewhat boomerang shaped). at that point, i thought perhaps it was a hang glider, but considering that this was texas, and there are no hills or mountains for a hundred miles or more, this made no sense at all. then i thought it might have been a flock of birds, but the object had a solid form and a consistent shape as it flew by. it continued to fly, or glide, at a consistent rate of approximately 8-10 mph in a straight, direct path heading directly north, until i could no longer see it. the object was completely silent. there were no lights on the object. the object almost blended into the starry background of the sky. it had a somewhat mottled color of white and possibly dark, navy blue, grey or black. the event lasted approximately 25-30 seconds before the object either evaporated, disappeared, or merely faded into the skyline ahead of it (the lights of the city were glowing over the homes that it was flying over). it was a beautiful clear night. there were no clouds at all in sight and no birds flying in the sky. i was outside taking photographs of the moon about an hour before this event and was admiring the sky, the stars, the moon, etc. the object was flying very low and appeared to be only 30 feet above the roof line of the houses it was flying over. the object was not moving very fast and if i had started running very quickly i might have been able to keep up with it. i did not witness any entities or missing time, and i had not consumed any alcohol or drugs. i was all alone when i saw the object. the only physical effect i experienced was feeling sick to my stomach about 30 minutes after seeing the object and that feeling lasted about 20 minutes. at first my logical brain was trying to determine what i was looking at. i was in complete shock and awe. by the time my brain registered that this was possibly an ufo i had a split-second thought to grab my cell phone and record it, but by then it was gone. i was not in fear of the object at the time, because i was trying to determine what it was, and the possibility of it being an ufo was the furthest thing from my mind, until it vanished.

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Credit: MUFON

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