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Thursday, May 25, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Aylmer, Quebec on 1997-07-16 00:00:00 - A large illongated ship appeared out nothing

Arround june or july 1997 , i was compelled to start looking out our large kitchen window . at the begening i didn't even know why, after 20 mins i started seing red and blue light hover 30 feet into the air . where i lived was more then 80 achers of weat field . so i asked myself ''are these newly instaled light fixtures that they had put up for planes to not hit the mountains '' or something like that . then they started moving , almost appering at a different spot , but in an unpredictable fassion. blue on top and red on the bottom , it seemed that it was two small crafts , but i could only see these lights .They where about 5 to 6 acres from where i was . i was very attracted by these light. it was about 11 pm and had school the next day so i went to bed . i told my mom the next morning . two days later i did the same thing with some apreancion , but i dind't feal scared.The same accurence happend after looking out for abot 30 min, it seemed like the lights where playfull . like they where wanted to distract me from what they where doing . side not, the mountains that are 40 acres away are the oldest mountains on earth . so i don't know if they where scanning the ground or looking for something . after an hour of watching them , had to go to bed . later that week i was looking deep into the field with my binoculaires , expecting them to be far away arround the area where i ha sean them , but after 20 mins i got tired and put my binoculairs down and simply looking out the window for a wile. when out of the blue this ship appeared out nowhere .The ship was at least the the size of a baseball field . i was at the same distance as those prevous lights. i couldn't beleive my eyes. aldought it was far away it slowly filled the window with its inormaty . the front of it looked like an illongated piramid and the back was diamond shapped with 4 pulsating domes that would move in and out . it seemed to propulse it forward. i was realy stuned . as it moved passed the window and out of view . i had to go out side on to my portch to continue seeing it , but at that point i got scared a bit and asked myself if that was good idea to go out there .Something confirmed to me that it was ok , so i whent .When i got out theres i noticed that the ship was completly silent. i was able to see move over the house in the neighbour hood for about 3 mins and it dissapered .I'm unsure if there was lost time at that moment. i told my family but they didn't see anything . when recaling the moment i see a big light surounding me but i know that there was no light on the large craft . very starnge . for several years i forgot about the insident and would recal it from time to time .Just last month i asked myself why where they there and in a dream that night i saw that they where there for water .

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Credit: MUFON

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