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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Santo Tirso, Porto District on 2016-07-22 23:47:00 - Cluster of lights in the air (almost like stars)

I was with a friend walking back to our houses after hanging out, it was at night (around 11 pm) and there were some fireworks going on at the time so we looked up to see them. but when i looked up i saw lots of distanced lights flashing (and i'm 100% sure it wasn't the fireworks since there was no explosions in that particular area of sky). at first i didn't think much of it (you know, could be planes and stars just shinning as usual) but the amount of flasheds in that particular area didn't feel normal. after a while i saw them moving slowly like flocks of birds. i counted around 10-15 (maybe more) "star-like" objects flashing very quickly - like christmas lights-, moving freely. i wasn't sure how to feel because i'm very skeptic about these kinds of deals because the usual reports are just some "dude" in the middle of the desert with a crappy camera and cut-off footage. but this time... i don't know. when my friend (who witnessed the event) went home the lights were still there, moving and blinking like no tomorrow, i believe at some point the conglomerate of lights made a cross (probably «just a coincidence but i'm just trying to be as descriptive as i can) but it just shows how much they were moving. after i took footage of the event i walked back home always looking to the sky to see what more could happen. the "lights" started to move further and further away until they dissipated into the darkness of the night sky. after i came home and showed my father the footage he was as skeptic as me and told me to send it to some site's like these. i completely forgot that i had the footage on my computer saved until now. this is all i can remember and describe. hope there's some explanation to this. p.S the photos attached were taken one after the other and in one of the videos my friend says "are we high or something? (just to clear things up). hope there's some explanation to this.

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Credit: MUFON

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