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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Longmont, Colorado on 2001-12-23 16:45:00 - Christmas eve eve disc

This happened in 2001 when i was 21 years old. it happened at my mothers home in the country west of longmont, south of lyons and north of boulder. i was living with my mother at the time and she was not home when this event occurred. no one else lived there and as far as i know no one else witnessed this. i had come home around 3:30 or so and was planning to go back to town (longmont) that night to see some friends. this event started at dusk which was around 4:30-5:00pm. it was a mild winter night. no snow even on the ground and very clear as far as clouds. i took a shower around 4:30 and when i was in the shower i could hear the dog barking. usually this was a normal occurrence because of cows and such. but this bark sounded different and i was worried a cougar or even a bear might be outside. i looked out the window and could see the dog barking facing the field but i could not see anything from inside. i went out into the front room and all my moms cats were meowing and acting "frantic" i knew at this point there had to be an animal out side. it was still light out although the sun had just set. i went outside to were our dog was along the fence to the field. about a quarter mile east out in the field was a swampy small forested area that is full of cattails and trees. down within the trees there was an extremely bright white light emanating from the ground and few (4-5) small red lights floating above the white light. they moving like a fire fly might move but only above the white light. the dog was fixed right on the light. i stood the watching for about 5 minutes or so. as i did more and more red lights appeared until there was about a dozen or so. there also began moving faster and more vigorously. i started to get nervous and at this point i decided that i was going to have to drive down there and see what was going on, although i was reluctant to do so. i went into the house and called a good friend and my girlfriend (now wife) and told them both what i had saw and that i was going to investigate. i told them if i didn't call them back in half an hour that something had happed to me. when i went back outside the light was gone and the dog had stopped barking. i got in my car and parked at the gate into the field that was generally in line with the area i had saw the light. i then proceeded to flash my headlamps on/off and bright/dim. i did this for a few minutes. nothing happened so i stopped. for about 5-7 minutes i just sat there looking at the sky for anything strange. i had time to smoke a cigarette with nothing happening. by this time it was relatively dark. to my left was a row of trees that grew along a irrigation ditch it went east for bout 150-200 ft and then cut south for 40-50 ft and then back east for hundreds of feet. i first saw some lights behind the trees to my west heading east following the row of trees. it was just on the other side. the lights were white and yellow. at first i that it was a small airplane because to the east you can see vance brand airport in longmont and it is very common the see planes taking this route to the airport. however, once it reached the area where the trees cut south, it turned south and rose above the tree line. it was a disc roughly 30-40 long and roughly 15-20 ft tall. it had alternating white and yellow lights rotating from left to right(from my view) it was dark so i could not see the color of the rest of the craft. it had a small dome on top roughly 8-10 feet tall. there were backlit "windows" on the dome with "object's" shadows visible. the disc just hovered stationary directly over the tree tops. i rubbed my eyes not believing this could be possible. i have never seen anything move like this before and it did not seem real. after i would say 20-30 seconds i decided to flash my headlamps at it. when i did, instantly all the lights turned a deep red, stopped rotating and emitted beams that focused on my car. i immediately threw the car into reverse, flipped around and took off up the driveway. the driveway is uphill and runs west to east (i was heading west) it is about a little over a thousand feet to the road. i stopped at the top just above the cattle corral once i realized it was not following me. i parked with my car facing east. you can not see out into the field or my moms house from here because there is another row of trees following another ditch running north to south just on the west side of my mothers house. although i could not see the field or the house i could see white-ish light lighting up the trees from below. i decided to flash my headlamps at the general direction again (don't ask we why) and i believed i saw the emitted light move so i took off out down the road heading north. i have family living very close to me. two of my uncles live just down the road to the north on adjacent properties. i stopped at the closest uncles house just to the north of us and knocked on his door. no one was home. i then went to the other uncles house and no one answers when i knocked on the door there either. i decided to drive down the roads that go around our property to see if i could see anything. i drove the whole distance and saw nothing. when i got back to the top of my moms driveway my girlfriend and her cousin were just coming back up from my mom's house. neither had seen anything. this was the end of it and i did not sleep there for over a week.

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Credit: MUFON

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