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Sunday, May 14, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Helenwood, Tennessee on 2017-03-17 19:30:00 - Seen craft that was cigar in shape that had flat ends. red wide stripe on side with a full roll of windows and with human and lizard looking people, like they were on sight looking tour?

I was in my back yard picking up sticks. i needed a moment too rest, i was looking around my trees. and i seen a bright flash, there just hovering there in the air between tree and cloud level. i seen what i thought was a 757 or larger air plane but, with no sound. with no sound is what gained my attention, as i looked closer there was no air craft lights, wings, tail, or nose??? it looked like a cigar shape with no rounded ends, the ends were flat. the craft it self was 400 to 500 feet long, and 150 to 200 feet in diameter. the whole craft was solid chrome with a red stripe through the center, the red stripe looked to be 30 to 50 feet from starting from one end, all the way down to other end and stopped at 30 to 50 feet other end. height of red stripe was between 30 to 50 feet. within the red stripe was a row of windows which was in center of height of the stripe, which looked to be a 15x15 or 25x25 windows size that went through the full length of the red stripe itself. as the craft traveled pass by me there was no sound, as i seen the windows i could see what i thought were people, but as some looked like people some looked different as people but like lizard, hard to understand seeing two type of what i was seeing in same craft. there was a light glow from within craft, but the crafts chrome would seam to have large flashes as different times. it moved slow like a blimp would move like they were watch seeing? the last bright flash i seen from craft, it was no longer there, just gone....No sound of any kind the whole time, of 55minutes to 1 hour and 15minutes i watched this go on. it would move and stop, then move and stop. i they were on a history sight seeing trip?...Flash i see them,,, cruise by,,,,, flash i no longer see them gone...........

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Credit: MUFON

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