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Monday, May 22, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Denver, Colorado on 2017-04-12 14:58:00 - West on i-70 in denver west of purina factory. traffic moving 10 to 20 mph and i-70 packed. must have been multiple witnesses. saw floating object over i-70. round to oval looked like a brown smoothe rock/large balloon rotating slow clockwise.

I had just flown into denver, picked up my car and headed west on i-70. at about 2:50 pm on a clear day with not much or any wind, i noticed a small object over i-70 from a distance that initially looked like a plastic grocery bag that had been kicked up above i-70 by the wind. as i move closer, i realize that the bag is floating and not loosing or changing altitude. i also realize that it is much larger than a small plastic bag and it appears to be a large 15 to 30' oval or rounded rectangular shaped (but not perfectly shaped almost shaped like a smooth irregularly shaped oval floating brown rock) object floating at a consistent altitude and rotating slowly clockwise with a slight wobble. the object looked to be dark brown rather than black, with no markings, windows or lights. the motion was very consistent with rotation and motion slightly faster than the traffic (15 to 20 mph). the traffic slowed down as i got closer to the object. when i got closest to the object, it was on the south side of i-70 moving westerly, slightly faster than the traffic was moving. five to six lanes of traffic on i-70 bumper to bumper and other people must have seen it and must have reported something to someone. at 2:58 pm i took my samsung s7 active and turned on the video. probably the worst video you have seen. i was driving in the far left lane with cell phone held out of the window. i did capture the object briefly a couple of times during the 32 second video which you will see as a small spec on the screen. it looks like a small spec on my cell phone and i was just today able to get the video off of my phone and will attach to this report. i assume with this accurate a location, time, date and the amount of people on i-70 west bound and east bound, there must have been other reports or photos. was not a plane, bird, drone or insect. may have been some kind of large balloon filled with helium except for the fact that the rotation and movement west was so smooth and even. i finally lost sight of the object as it moved west out of my sight. i was a little bit amazed that i was seeing what really looked like a ufo or some kind of controlled craft (not being blown by the wind). i tried to use the video on my phone but had a difficult time while driving in stop and go traffic. i wish that i had fought to get off of the interstate and used a nicer camera that i had in the car but it seemed to difficult to get over from left lane through 6 lanes of traffic to the exit and it may have been gone by the time i made it. the traffic lightened up or speeded up and i just lost sight of the object in the distance to the west of me and on south side of i-70.

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Credit: MUFON

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