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Thursday, May 25, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Houston, Texas on 2017-05-24 16:51:00 - Daytime observation of high altitude star like objects

I stepped outside, just for a cig and to look up. i like looking up. it's been cloudy for awhile. haven't been able to see blue or anything in the sky lately other than overcast. the sky was remarkably clear for a change. approximately less than 10 clouds. which is why it was easy to notice a bright dot come out of a cloud to the southwest and proceed west-southwest. the cloud soon dissipated when it left. very starlike. small. i'll add i was wearing sunglasses. without them, the sky washed the orb out visually since i'm photo-sensitive. i paused, went oh hell no... went inside and grabbed my camera, hoping to catch it on camera but it was gone. i always look up. that's another story. then, i saw another reflective high altitude orb approaching from the west, traveling east through the sun's path. for the record, i use the word orb, just because stars are stars. but this was too high to be anything but having the appearance of a distant daytime star.. to end the confusion. i moved my position to block out the sun and starting recording. for some reason, i remember learning that a long time ago when recording ufos. barely block out the sun. i was facing west, in front of my apartment. there's an overhang for the garage i used to block and started recording. these aren't the little specs of light that dance around when looking at clear sky, or the other artifacts high in the air that reflect the sunlight, ice, etc... or even birds... i'll admit, they're all on the video. but... why i recorded... and if you pay attention, is because of the 20+ daytime star orbs that were high altitude and going in a straight line and/or changing direction. the further away from my vantage, away from the sun, they got... eventually they faded into the blue of the sky. my knowledge tells me that the sun's reflection was too much for whatever cloaking tech was used, and eventually the further they got, they were able to once again disappear within the blue. i have the cell videos, taken on an iphone 7 plus. it's still on the iphone. i took screenshots from the video. they are way too fast to be a plane. i've slowed it down to 25% in imovie. it's a lot more impressive. personally, air traffic control has nothing on how busy it is up there if you know where to look. images were screenshots from my iphone 7... screenshots taken on the iphone 7. then simply circled in paintbrush for mac. i have a digital forensics background, hence my explanations, and trying to be specific as possible. i am not a digital forensic image specialist. i deal with straight e-discovery litigation type support. i just understand forensic integrity. i know what's going on in general and moreso. i'd work for you if i could. but due to a recent personal evolution per say, i'm just here because i decided to share some images. no more no less. we're in the mayan age of heart. no longer time to dance around the issue. i'll share what i come across. not for myself, but others need to know.

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Credit: MUFON

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