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Thursday, May 18, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Faro, Faro on 1996-08-31 00:00:00 - Ball of light radiating a yellow color in all directions following a set path with steady speed in the sky above faro heading northward passed over the infant track and two high hills when i stopped seeing it.

I was driving my car in the late afternoon because i was going to the university in portimão. i was in my car when i visualized a yellow ball that radiated in all directions so bright, left no trace, and had a steady speed in the way it did, i stared at this ball in the sky to try to observe the details of it but realized that it was not an airplane or any meteorological object because it had no engines or wings nor did it leave a trail, it came to an altitude sufficient to cross the sky and to pass over two hills that are in the right side next to via do infante in the access node of faro but as they are tall the bright yellow ball when passing over them i left it to see it because it went north and i was driving my car and i went west towards portimão. the sky that afternoon was clean and very blue what caught my attention was to observe this ball of bright yellow light following at the same speed and in the same way approaching more and more of the place that i was on the road until slowing the speed to the to watch closely. at first, i thought it might be an airplane but then i noticed that there was no fuselage, no wings, no engines, no track, so i concluded that an ordinary plane was not, then i thought it might be a weather balloon but i did not observe any material known and it was a ball of bright yellow light radiating in every direction and with a constant velicity in a concrete pattern and that afternoon there was no wind, reason why it concludes that it could only be an unidentified flying object. the object was a ball of bright yellow light flying over faro's airspace at an altitude that allowed me to see it shifting south to north and past the infant's path next to faro's knot plus a few meters to the west flying over the hills, disappearing over them as they headed north. i felt calm and observant of a rare phenomenon that i had never noticed and my reaction was of surprise and curiosity in relation to that unknown and unusual object. as i was about to drive i always tried to visualize the ball of bright yellow light with the safety of the car but there was no automobile traffic nearby which allowed me to slow down and see the bright yellow ball disappear over the two hills heading north.

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Credit: MUFON

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