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Friday, May 12, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Phoenix, Arizona on 2017-04-13 04:20:00 - Hovers near my head and shoulder as i leave my bedroom. there is also an energy/vortex like blob energy field projecting from the wall of the tv and the left corner. it also looks as if the energy field has encapsulated the high vaulted ceiling in diamete

Waking. 1. i hear 'ahm','ohm''hmm' sounds when sleeping. sometimes i hear voices saying 'hello'. 2.Sometimes i hear conversations of a crowd of people. 3.I have started to videotape and i caught orbs flying out of a energy field located on the wall of my tv or ceiling. it is a massive blob of energy. 4. the object is the large and small orbs flying in a direct path. these are not flying insects or bugs. they are ascending and decending. i have high ceilings in my bedroom and they are flying out of the energy field ascending upwards and downward to the floor. there are strong auras around objects in my room also. 5. i was startled to view the video of a large orb flying near the back of my head as i left the room. i am shocked to see the humungous portal in my room. i have reported on this site about the electromagnetic field i saw in south mountain park, phx, az. currently, i am just speechless about the energy field i was able to capture on film 04/13/17 in my room. i have only slept in this room less than a year. i feel that there are hundreds of entities that come in and out of the room but they are peaceful..They do not try to hurt me. i was scratched one night but that is about it. 6. the energy field will shrink sometimes. the orbs try to dodge the camera. they are afraid of it ....It seems??? there is an energy field also that is as tall as the high vaulted ceiling in diameter to the tv and is very wide. the smaller orbs come out of this. do you see it??

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Credit: MUFON

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