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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

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UFO Sighting in San Jose, California on 2017-05-02 00:00:00 - Started with what looked like stars moving back and forth...Ended with a large shape ascending

I went outside around 3 am staring in the sky. i noticed (a star) moving around. i kept staring and realized there were more moving. some larger than others. it seemed like the smaller ones were connected to the larger ones and kind of blue. one i noticed that the movements of the two were matching and kind of far from each other. later noticed they were all over the sky moving only enough to notice if you were paying attention. also, foggy clouds came rolling in from the north. it sort of looked like the smaller blue objects were dissipating the clouds as they moved back and fro. i sat and watched all this for about an hour. the clouds had almost cleared about then. there was a large building behind me, so i couldn't see the west side of the landscape there. so, i walked around to get a better look at the whole sky and noticed 3 orange-ish shapes close to the ground towards downtown. seemed like helicopters flying around as they started to move more. i looked around the whole sky and it seemed like these orb/stars were all over. if i stared at them it looked like they were like bubbles about 20 feet above my head. like an optical illusion.It was really weird feeling. they kind of looked like chrome/gold spheres that were transparent. oh yeah, when i cam around the building i noticed the huge light hovering just above the east hills. that was all white and glowing. looked like the shape of arrows pointing different directions inside of the glow. arrows like how you draw with lines. this is about close to sunrise so it was still kinda dark. nobody pulling into work seemed to notice anything. i guess the large form above the mountains looked like a large, bright star. i started to walk around the parking lot to find a darker area out of the warehouse lights and noticed that one of those orbs was following me around about 15 feet above my head. if i looked away it would go higher up and as soon as i looked back at it while i walked around it would cruise back down closer to me. so i started walking back to the other side of the building again to see if it would still follow me. that made me laugh at it. it really was funny like a cartoon or something. it seemed like a soap bubble or something like that. i thought i might have lost it really. i kept looking up to see if it was still there the whole time. i crossed through this gate with big pine trees and powerlines around it. i noticed when i got to the other side that it was gone and i was bummed. so i went around to see the light above the mountain and it was starting to ascend real slow, getting a little smaller. i mean it was going slow like it knew that most people wouldn't notice it to be nothing but a bright star. so i stood and watched it go higher and higher till it looked like a super white dot on the clouds. it kinda cruised to the left on the cloud for a little then disappeared or went into the cloud. whew. around 7:30 i started checking the web to see if anyone had anything to say. not much there really. the military said that it was a test missile launched off the coast. i don't think i was seeing the same thing. the pictures they put up didn't look like what i saw...And that wouldn't be a hovering slow rising thing. and that was it. my phone sucks and it just looks like a dot.

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Credit: MUFON

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