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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

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Alien Encounter in Perth, Western Australia on 1979-08-29 00:00:00 - Entity appeared to me - definitely solid and seen to me for a few seconds

When i was 8 years old i travelled to scotland with my mother to visit my grandparents. my grandparents lived in a duplex cottage (they lived in half with another family with a 12 year old son in the other half). the cottage was on the outskirts of perth - in the countryside with a forest, river and old mill ruins behind it. it was august/september 1979 and i spent most days playing with alan - the boy who lived next door to my grandparents. we ran around in the forest generally having fun as children do but there was an event that i can honestly say changed my life. alan and i were building a hut of some kind. the day was fine and clear - i was collecting old tin and sticks but for a few seconds a solid figure appeared to me beside a tree. it was human sized and the most amazing turquoise blue...At first i thought it was like an old knight you would imagine with silver armour but it simply wasn't. it was blue, human sized and there for a few seconds. alan noticed i was a bit startled and asked if i was alright to which i replied that i thought i had seen something. he asked what i saw to which i replied that it was weird but to my surprize he said it was the blue man wasn't it. i asked alan if he saw it too to which he replied not this time but he had seen it several times previously. i don't remember facial features or details other than it was solid, the most beautiful turquoise blue all over and adult human sized. what i do know is it was real. why it appeared i don't know but it has certainly had an effect on my life and i often wonder how many other people have seen turquoise blue figures. i have no idea where alan is now but i am back in new zealand with my eyes opened to things that don't always make sense. has anyone else seen the turquoise blue figures?

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Credit: MUFON

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