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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

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Alien Encounter in Goldendale, Washington on 2007-11-08 02:30:00 - Strange thoughts after event of missing time

november 2007 think it was around the eighth, i was in route to wenatchee washington from goldendale washington at about 2:30 am. i was on highway 97 north bound approximately 15 to18 miles north of goldendale when my car died and i coasted to the side of the road and put it in park i tried to restart it. it was like the battery was dead. next thing i knew the dash lights were on as well as the head lights i was able to restart the vehicle. i have no memory of abduction alien or otherwise don't remember any ship or craft. however the time now was 3:50 am according to my cell phone, i don’t wear a watch. although if asked how long it had been from the time the car died till i looked at the time after again starting my car i would swear maybe 5 minutes at the most. ever since that night i have obsessed over a concept in my mind that seems to say make this. if i was rich i would, but i now live on social security of less than $850.00 a month, and can’t afford it. if anyone out there wants to help with a study to evaluate this concept please contact me at… lwilhelm@aol.Com. you must understand why i am writing this, i am first and foremost wanting to know, if anyone has had a similar event pertaining to having thoughts about making or developing systems or devices that are unlike anything you have ever worked on or are familiar with before. that is after experiencing a period of missing time as i described above. lwilhelm@aol.Com

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Credit: MUFON

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