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Sunday, May 21, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Chicago, Illinois on 2017-05-19 21:00:00 - Two large bat-like things flying together

I was out at the breakwater with my best friend and her boyfriend and we were waiting for my boyfriend to finish helping his dad tie their boat to the dock after helping bring the boat to the marina for the summer. we were standing on the shore by some picnic tables waiting on james to meet us there. we were talking when we heard this loud screech, it sounded completely out of this world and after a couple of seconds, we heard another one, only louder and higher pitch than the first one. we looked around thinking we had heard an animal in distress and if it needed help. that's when we saw this large bat fly into our view. it was black and came from the direction of the bridge that holds up the lsd. it flew low and then shot up into the air as it came over the water. we noticed one of the coast guard helicopters was flying over the water at about the same time, but we're not sure if it saw this thing as it kept on flying toward the adler. this thing flew a large circle and cried out again and almost instantly it was joined by another large bat. these things were big and stood out against the sky. they flew figure eights around each other. it looked like they were dancing in a strange sort of way. it was actually quite beautiful, considering how freaking strange it was.About that time, my boyfriend walked up on us and scared the living bejezzuz out of us. both myself and my friend screamed and i think those large bats heard us. because they screeched back at each other and both flew down toward the water, it looked like they were going to slam into the water and at the last second, they pulled up and flew toward and i'm assuming under the bridge and out of sight. we ran toward the railing, to look down the river and saw nothing else. this entire encounter lasted about 1 1/2 to 2 minutes. it was scary, only because we didn't know what the hell they were, but it looked like they were interested in each other and not us. we can't be the only other ones to see it as the riverwalk and the pier were full of people and joggers. are these things just giant bats or are they gargoyles or just people in those wing-suit thingies?

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Credit: MUFON

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