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Friday, May 12, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Riviera Beach, Florida on 1983-02-15 01:00:00 - 40 to 50 disks outside our atmosphere (seemingly) flew from the horizon west to the coast then south.

This happened in 1983, in february. i was a candidate for the executive chef job, part of the executive management team being hired to open a hotel in riyadh, saudi arabia, for the king. the interview was to be in the morning, at the hilton hotel on singer island, where they put us up for the night. i was sharing my room with the food and beverage director candidate, who i'll call mr. x, from boston. we arrived at the hotel late evening. mr x had a dinner engagement and went on his way. i decided to walk down the beach and see what's to eat and happening. i found a resort bar/grille open with some entertainment and so i ordered a steak sandwich and a beer. i ate the sandwich but half way through the beer i stopped because i felt a tiny bit of a buzz.....And didn't want any glitches for the interview in the am, so i left half. i walked back up the, probably about a 1/2 mile walk and when i arrived at the hotel, my roomy wasn't there so i sat on the beach, staring at the ocean, thinking about the am interview. then i saw it. i saw what i first thought was one of those search lights crossing the sky....And i thought that odd.....Maybe they're searching for something way out thyere....This was on the horizon. the light wasn't swinging up or down though and so i watched it. the beam of light broke off of the horizon and was flying by itself towards land....Directly west.....Well, directly perpendicular to land anyway...Since i don't know the exact north/south orientation of that beach. as the beam drew closer to land it resolved from a glowing beam into individual disks, flying in some sort of formation. there were abour six or eight large disks and about forth small ones. at first the formation seemed like a bunch,....Kind of a thick formation that all of a sudden changed to this shape as they approached land. the large disks were flying at the points with about five smaller ships within the formation.They switched quickly into this formation as they did a 90° turn south. i saw a smaller one moving through the formation and seemingly enter a larger one. their shape was a disk, they were nearly completely round when overhead but more ovoid before that. as they passed over i could see stars through their formation. their two sizes were both larger than the stars but smaller than an aspirin. the smaller ones were about three times the size of the stars and the larger maybe....20 stars or larger... as i watched them, with my stomach heaving and my heart pumping awfully fast, i heard mr x return to the room....The door was open the the room and i was only about 20 feet from the door. i shouted and he came as fast as he could but when he arrived the disks had just traveled far enough south that they turned back into a beam of light. i realized that what i was seeing, light-wise was the reflection of the sun, on the bottoms of the disks (saucers). i suppose one could do the math and estimate their minimum height for them to be able to reflect the suns light onto singer island at 1 am in february of '83. to me they seemed to be in space.....Absolutely not in our atmosphere. there was no noise, their was no vapor trail or otherwise. in closing, i was as clear headed that night, for the interview in the am.....As any time in my life...Can you imagine? exec chef for the king of saudi arabia? after the first year on the job, it was on to all the best cities in the world for hotel starts...What a job! and we were all hired... but never went. the king had a change of political heart and decided the jobs were better done by countrymen. here's the thing. i've lived with this eating my heart out since then. please answer my input! since then, i've seen on the science/history channels....Your shows...The one about president reagan having his fleet of 8 large oblong space crafts and 43 smaller crafts. this is tearing me up....Because what i saw were not oblong. but hearing nothing about it since 1983 has me so anxious to know more.It drew many tears just writing this to you so please don't let me down. brian donovan

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Credit: MUFON

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