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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

New 2015 UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting in Los Angeles, California on 2015-10-21 00:00:00 - I have been abducted since childhood repeatedly. the aliens want to kill me. they want to kill everyone. their plan is for a nwo. august 22 will be when they take over.

My name is kyah. i am putting my life at risk to die quicker but i no longer wish to hide this inside anymore. they have hurt me and are hurting other innocent people and i wish to open up about this. i am not saying all aliens are bad, i have met some that had hearts, and they truly do seem to care. but right now there are some very evil entities afoot looking to hurt people. as a child i had been tortured and abducted nights, always to find myself waking up on the floor and i would feel the drop. i would get bloody noses and night because one came and implanted my nose at night. they would put me thru many stimulations of scary events, put things of my fears to scare me. some things i forgot. they have done so much to scatter my memory but they are impressed that my memory is so strong i can somehow recall pieces of events. i remember when i was 16, i had a dream i had a baby on a spaceship. the aliens even mentioned this to me recently in their talks on yahoo answers. the aliens have harvested eggs from me many times. my life has been very difficult and ive suffered a lot of pain, trauma and harassment by their hybrid children they send down to harass me. fast forward to now. the incident that happened. i noticed that doctors and everyone have been following me around and treating me very evil, things just aren't right. one night i was sleep and next thing i know this man came in. he was the man that stopped talking to me before he looked just like him. he ended up giving me a shot of something and then somehow he ended up taking me thru the wall and i was put into a van. i felt drugged and thought it was a dream i didn't know what happened. but then i realized that this happened before and it was a horrible nightmare and here it was happening again. they drugged me and brought me thru to some place with nature and into some type of base. they had me get onto some railroad thing which brought you inside the base. this woman showed me around and i was pretty drugged and confused from whatever they gave me. she showed me a bunch of bodies on the tables, clones and then i was shown this laboratory with a bunch of tiny white horses which they used to turn into the hybrids and send down to earth. i put my hand into it was like a jelly like they were in. i know they don't want to me to talk about this. this particular woman was nice to me. i noticed once of the doctors which i had infact dealt with at ucla emergency room. he was there and he smiled and said hello. the other time he seemed pretty angry. they just really have mood changes. somehow i then ended up on a spaceship i was brought into an examination room. i had my feet measured and asked if i had any problems with my feet. i told them no. they made us do the exams with no shoes on and i hated not having shoes or clothes on. the one alien said that us humans have weird feet. i didn't feel scared for some reason as they must have given me some type of drug to make me calm. but i felt like i wanted to leave and didn't want them doing tests on me. next thing i know i am on a table and i start giving childbirth for some weird reason and i didn't even know i was pregnant at all whatsoever. i was screaming during the whole thing in the worst pain of my life about to die. i asked the alien to please please stop the pain and he said that he couldn't because it could possibly kill me. i said please give me an epidural and begged the pain got so severe and i ended up dying giving birth. i ended up feeling as though i was falling. i ended up in lucifers world. the smell on the alien ship and the smell there was like a rotten egg smell awful. there was shit everywhere, darkness, people trying to rape me and all these things happening that are of darkness. i screamed and begged and then big boss dragon brought me back up somehow got me out of there. i came to and was on the operating table. he started screaming at me about how the baby had birth defects because i had some alcohol while i was pregnant. i told him that it isn't my fault! i didn't know i was pregnant. he still was so angered. the woman alien next to him cried she was in tears about the baby. he was enraged and explaining to me that all these hybrid children inside there were my kids. i had met hilary clinton as well and he showed me all these people who i have met in my past. i believe hilliary is a reptilian as is mentioned online. she was nice to me and was glad to meet her. red dragon carried me he would yell me a lot and scare me a lot. i told him i was sorry that i had alcohol and the baby got hurt. he said he was going to punish me and kill me. he said that he is going to cause me to get cancer, he is going to harass me all night so i cant sleep, they are going to poison me, they are going to kill me and poison everything i eat. the poisonings have almost killed me but with the light of jesus they have been unable to kill me. he said that it is amazing that i am still alive after all they have done to me and that i still am surviving. each day they try to kill me. he said that i am wanted because of my special physic power and that i have some special powers. they had me operate the ship and drive it with my power but i didn't feel good because he yelled at me because we almost crashed into another ship. he said that he is my family and they are my family but deep down i know they are not my family. i am gods child. he told me, listen kyah, we wrote the bible, we created it all, and he said that when the day comes that nibiru is ready to kill us all that i will go to the mountains and he will save me and i will come to live with him in the spaceship. i told him no, i do not want to live alien life. i want my life here as a human. he said that they control everythin for us humans, the phones, banks, everything that happens. he said when people die, they go to them and are remade again. i knew in my heart that this all wasn't true but part of me almost fell for it. they said they want me to die because my heart is too good and i am not following along with the new world order. they have been planning my death since i was younger but ive gotten thru all their trials with the love of the jesus keeping me strong. they like to steal as well. they break into my house and steal my hoop earrings each time i buy them. they have taken some of my clothes, or they will take my clothes and they will reappear in a different area. the most recent thing is they have stole my marijuana recommendation. i have to smoke marijuana for fibromyalgia pain due to them hurting me since childhood. they have me implanted. the implants go off if i'm in certain areas. or if i do something they dont like. the pain is worst at night which is when they are active and doing radiofrequencies on me. they said i am going to die of a rare type of cancer. they have made it so the hospital will not treat me and they follow me around constantly. they said i have 12 species of alien dna and that's why i'm wanted by the us government. the evil they have done to me is so wrong which is why i am speaking out. theyre goal is only to hurt others and cause destruction which is why there is so much destruction on earth. they want to wipe out the human race. they are planning a false rapture, which they will take all those who are fooled by them to get into their ships. only a select few will not fall for this and await jesus and they know that i am smart and not going to fall for this so they want me dead. the red dragon alien he explained to me that they feel no emotions and they dont feel any emotion as humans do. he put me thru stimulations where my mom died and other tough things. he had a helmet attached onto my head with a needle so each time i did the stimulation wrong he would electrocute me. i kept running back to my mom and kept screaming no no no you do not help others you keep going. during the stimulations they also put plates of human body parts in front of us. we also went to the bayou to examine and see eels if they felt an anger towards us. the eels were peaceful. each time i would get stressed out dolphins would appear on a screen or if i was in pain when they were hurting me. one alien is up their named gillespie. she was my doctor at ucla family health center years ago. i never knew why she was so evil to me for no reason. she treated me terribly. one day i did notice she came into work with piercing red eyes and i thought she had smoked marijuana but it was really part of the reptilian. they claimed to me in my past life i was scottish or mesopotamian and very special. i told them no, in my past life i was native american. the thing that saddens me most about these aliens is, as much as they claim to not have the same emotions as humans they really do. they were heart broken about their children and have the same feelings of protecting their children just as any living thing does. what saddens me most is to see them hurting children and not having the empathy to understand that we feel those same feelings. we would die for our children. i know they fear us because they dont understand us, and we fear them because we dont understand them but we have to all try to understand each other. this is what god wants. i believe that every living thing has love in their heart, even the most evil, coldest , coldhearted people who do evil there is some love deep down in their heart even if they dont want to admit it. i just wish that we all could live in harmony. i do not wish harm upon people but i do wish they would stop harming others. every living child and thing is precious. all living things feel emotions and feel the same things, we endure the same things. even up there they are going thru the same things we go thru on earth. now as i write this all i sit here poor , and i may be poor but i am happy because i live by god and my heart is pure. money means nothing to me. material means nothing to me. people ask me so much, why am i always so happy and smiling? do i ever get angry? well yes i do, but i try to never let it overcome me and i am resilient, i always will bounce back. god gives me this power. the internet is riddled with aliens and they are out in everyday life. you can usually spot one by very pale skin, perfected complexion, and their eyes will be a piercing blue with large black pupils or a green color. you can also tell because they will not eat much or will eat just a few bites of food and throw it away. or they will not eat period. one followed me into church the other day. he did something to cause me chest pain. he was a demon and using his phone in church. ufos/demons go hand in hand,its all related. we are nothing but cattle to them to be tested on and things done against their will. i never thought a government could be so corrupt to do something as to sell children away to them in exchange for technology. the saddest part is,they are going to turn on all of them and eat them. yes they will turn on you and eat you. they need our souls to be alive. the red dragon harvested some of my powers he said he needed them to deal with all the world because i wasn't using my powers right and helping others. well gee, how am i supposed to when the aliens cause me pain 24/7. i cannot work because of all the pain they cause me. they have ruined jobs and job oppurtunities for me, my relationships and are so jealous they wont let me just be alone. the alien is so possessive and jealous he will not let me go be with someone who will show me the love i need and that will love me. his way of showing love is not the love i need or want. they said they set up things for people to treat me evil on purpose and to be abused. he also showed me a image of me dying in a car accident. i am risking my life by explaining all these things. he told me if i dare talk they will kill me faster. i do not care though because i am going to stick up for jesus and they are hurting me day by day and i hold no loyalty to them. they are pure evil and have no empathy. they just dont know when to stop and leave me alone. they follow me around every single place i go 24/7 hours a day. i cant even go to a fast food restaurant, they will mess up the food or they will poision me. they poisoned me on my birthday once and i ended up in the hospital for days all for those results to be hidden from me. dr. jeremy herman is involved in this, dr.Adrian ostrezga from cedar sinai is involved too. both work at cedar sinai. they are inhumane sick doctors and let their patients sit by in pain. i had a botched surgery done. the aliens claimed that a war is about to happen in outerspace and lots is going on. they want a special sacred tool to reset the universe. lucifer plans to take over. i am warning you all. do not fall for the false rapture! they are going around abducting and fooling millions and millions of children. wait for jesus. he will come. you must believe in jesus. he will come. have faith in jesus. i am a wanted target for not following the new world order. los angeles has become a city of sin and they have already complete control of all the cities. sex, drugs, homosexuality, abortion is all something that people believe in so strongly and if you dont agree with it you are deemed crazy. i will never give up on my values that i have gotten from god. they have tried to ask me to engage in bisexual activity, drugs, etc. and they hate how my heart is good and that i care. people are under so much brainwash that i dont know how many people can be saved. it is very very very sad. we have more evil than good in this world. i am jesus chosen one and i will give my life to stand up for what is right. those who do not change their ways will fall into this trap. if you mention the world rahul rahul rahul with feelings of love they will shapeshift. the aliens that come to earth to try to date me shapeshift forms. they are flaky and cheap,they have no real relationship sense or values, they ditch people. i never knew why i couldn't find a man of god, that's because i am not going to find it here is overrun with aliens. the aliens cant live without technology. that would be like suicide. i'm one of the rare people who can live without it. i do not care about it, but i do use it to research because id have too many books to get. i do remember the names of two alien races the reptilians and the draconians. he told me that marijuana is only for the reptilians. he also took my iphone and said he was going to add some devices so that it would hurt me. he said that using the iphones are the worst and that they will cause pain. the aliens also one day abducted my rabbit. my rabbit was missing for about 2 hours or more. thank goodness she reappeared. it was horrifying. i didn't know what happened. the aliens also injected something into my back, my arm, and put a needle into my eye. i guess so that they can see everything i see thru my eyes. they are so controlling. the main alien he told me that soon one day i will not need food, i will not need water and he said my dna will change. he said that i will need to learn survival skills because i need to get to the mountains. they like to torment me about my looks, appearance, etc. but then he said i was pretty and that no one is ugly but i dont believe it. i have told them i dont like those kinds of jokes and joking around but they will not stop. he tried to tell me that i wasn't a really gods child and tried to deceive me. as much as he told me that this was home and this was my family i did not at all feel it i didn't feel love or care. i felt hate and evil. the aliens which were up there are right now working at the shop i go to. today was funny to see how angry they were that they couldn't get by with poisioning me. the girl at the front desk didn't even say hi :) and she had the maddest face on cause they couldn't plan to poison me. the shopowner is the alien who was up on the ship crying when the baby died. she is very evil and dark. darkness surrounds her spirit and soul. i met her one day when i came to return what they tried to poison me with. they did try to sell me something with the poison on it but i could see it right on there. i can see thru all their tactics and its really just getting each day to be pathetic. today an alien boy messed up my sandwhich on purpose. they also tried to give me food poisoning once again. sigh, when will it all stop. it doesn't work so why bother messing with me? the light will always defeat the dark. i will never give up on jesus my savior and my faith was majorly tested when the dragon said that my spirit is so rare it has many realms which it wants to go. when he told me i couldn't get into heaven i felt a test of my faith but i know that his words are not true. recently they sent my father who they had sent back down to el pollo loco. i saw my father at el pollo loco. i looked at him. he had a look of that he had been built back together. i feel sad i never got to express to my father about how he hurt me molesting me but i know where i stand with god and not speaking to him is my best option. i have no reason to speak with a child molester for they are demons. its very unfortunate. i was told i have a rh negative blood type. rare adrenal gland, hormone problem. i will never let lucifer harvest my powers for wrong doing,my powers are for jesus and good, light and love. i am able to heal people, something that they absolutely hate. it so sad to see people have so much hate for me because of my heart. i do not agree with the ways of atheism, homosexuality,abortion, etc but i still would never not accept someone as a friend or persecute someone because of their beliefs. i would always give a hand to help someone. i follow jesus way and love. just because someone else has a different view, i am not one to change them or reject them due to it. we all sin at some point in our lives, no one is perfect. but we must catch ourselves for the day is coming soon. we need to repent. i believe that the aliens/lucifer/darkness can change their ways, and that's because i believe that anyone can change for the better. i know that they have hearts but what they are doing right now is not using their hearts. hurting humans is not the way. maybe they will one day come into the light and see the light. but as for now we must all protect our children are very sacred. any women with unborn babies and babies keep your babies very safe, keep your children safe as you can. i have heard orgone/orgonite can repel them. that is what the one red dragon had mentioned. he said the thing that also repels them is constant speak of the bible, jesus, that is what makes them shut the pains off for me because they cant stand it. since childhood i have seen their daytime ufo ships. the daytime ufo ships look like these little tiny childs planes. they are red/white sometimes yellow/white and small. sometimes they vanish out of thin air. they appear out of nowhere. there are also the silver ones, they look like a jet plane, chrome shiny with green windows, its very shiny chrome like. it will appear but disappear fast into the sun. they are also the planes that leave the chemtrails. sometimes even looking at those can cause a headache. at night their is one ufo it comes by about every 10 minutes. some days the lights are blinking red and one white, sometimes it blinks green and one white light. i think maybe it depends on their moods, if its red maybe they are angry. sometimes one light shines blue. there is one good ufo. i have a clear picture of it but its on my cell phone. it was outside one night like a white light/blob sort of look and when i looked at it , i would feel no pain at all and felt so happy, it took away all of the severe pain i deal with on daily basis which has made me pretty much an invalid. it was good. in the desert, coachella valley, there are good aliens. they do not harm like the evil ones. i believe the evil ones are the reptilians. the spaceship came very close by, it was hard to see in the dark but it had many colors and wings. they must have been curious about me and came up close. some evil alien hybrids from la were in the jacuzzi drinking and shouldn't have even been there and they left once i got in. but i believe the aliens in the desert are good. they are not trying to cause any harm. it is this one specific alien race that is very evil. the man operating everything is evil which i had mentioned to you was the red dragon reptile. i never got a clear look though i was drugged and confused. his skin began to peel and shed like a lizard. he said he felt self conscious. i tried to comfort him and tell him to not worry that sometimes humans our hair falls out and we lose nails, etc. he ended up yelling at me and saying i was being insensitive and i dont even understand why. i didn't feel comfortable there and i know it isn't my destiny to be there. i am loving and need love all around me. i knew they weren't my family and they aren't my family. the most stressful thing that happened was when i got there and was lying down on the table to see all the aliens fighting over me. i wanted to scream everyone stop fighting!! ugh!! it was just so stressful. it made me feel really stressed out. all the alien races are fighting over me and it really hurts. but this evil alien race is trying to take me and take over and i believe that they are trying to kill other alien races. they want to take over everything. i pray for the good aliens. these evil ones are terrible. they also take my pictures without my permission while constantly following me around. its so wrong. they use the house next door to me for airbnb specifically so they can stalk me and harass me. i have had enough and i am putting my foot down! i am not going to take this anymore. there is also a black helicopter which comes around and some other military helicopters. they fly above my house. they are ufo disguised i believe. there is also a spirit within my home that will not leave its like a poltergeist which they have sent. they use witchcraft, voodoo, satanic rituals. they use radiation and i have experienced radiation poisioning, burns, etc. last month in the middle of the night i felt horrible pain as though eggs were being harvested i woke up screaming because it hurt me so bad. i have seen the aliens appear and disappear like the demon alien at the church. they use holograms. that is what the red dragon lizard mentioned. he said that they send roaches thru the hologram. they have been doing that since childhood sending big large roaches into my house will randomly appear on the ceiling. last night it happened because i spoke of these things. each time i speak of them they will make it appear as revenge. when i first began to mention these things they made the power surge in the house. when i had been sent down from the dragon man he told me he was sending me back . the last thing he did was he told me dont tell anyone if you tell anyone we will kill you, he was very serious and very angry about if i ever told anyone. he threatened me badly. i was horrified. he flashed a black small stick infront of my face kind of like they do in the men in black movie. i have also noticed men in black especially when i got to beverly hills. they sat in a thai restuaruant. unfortunately their little thing of me to not remember did not work because my memory is very strong and i remember things. things have all come back to me. he did mention things about trump too. i remember when coming home we went thru the wall and then i ended up falling in my bed i could feel myself fall right into my bed. i was ontop of the sheets and then i woke up and thought hmm that was a really weird dream and then went back to sleep. it was the scariest experience i ever suffered and i am now suffering from ptsd from this. i am traumatized. i also feel like a prisoner being unable to live, unable to be happy due to them but i am not letting them win and not going to ever let them steal my light. i sometimes feel down but i know jesus my real lord will soon appear. i will never give up my faith in jesus. as for the those who have done this, the government, doctors, people who have hurt me, shame on you all and jesus sees all this and you will answer to his wrath. you all whom work in darkness and the new world order will soon see your fate when you are in the lake of fire. your lives are already miserable and a dark pit and you hate that i am happy because i follow my heart and the ways of the holy spirit. you all are fools, and i cant wait to see how fast lucifer turns on you. you will soon see. those who have protected me, watched over me and stood up for me, you have a good spirit and you will be rewarded. i am thankful to you. sorry for all the typos in this message. i just mostly had so much to write and wanted to get my point across. i am not placing my address because i am already dealing with the stalking situation. but they already know where i am and how to get me. i put my name up because i no longer care. i do not fear them for i have angels and god protecting me, my house and my family. heed my word though. do not fall for the false rapture. warn as many as you can. warn the children mostly for their minds may be confused by these darkness. they pretend to be caring, loving but they are wolves in sheeps clothing. i am giving this message to save as many as i can who will keep strong for the lord and never give up. we are going thru a path similar to revelations. soon they will be ready to murder all believers and christ and we have to stay as strong as we possibly can. our faith will be tested more and more. never give up! jesus will return.

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