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Sunday, May 28, 2017

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Black Triangle Sighting in Rogue River, Oregon on 1997-03-13 00:00:00 - Saw small triangle in sky went to get wife and returned to fin huge triangle

I was outside having a cigarette on march 13 , 1997 at approximately 10pm (estimated). i looked up in the sky directly overhead and saw in the distant sky a small triangle. it did not move as i observed it for several minutes. i went in the house to get my wife. i had not described what i had seen at all to my wife only that she needed to come out and see something. as i returned to the dark area i could no longer see it as i looked upwards. i said, "i think going into the light affected my eyes and can no longer see it". she exclaimed, "no, i see it". i asked where and she pointed her arm various directions saying, "there, there and there, its a triangle". it was apparently an equilateral triangle. i said "wow, it must have dropped straight down, it was a tiny (in comparison) triangle in the sky." we stayed there and looked at this thing in awe. we observed a (possibly convex) surface between the lights but if i had to say what i think i saw is that surface was projecting an image of the stars above it, as if there were a camera on top of the triangle and the lower side was a huge display screen. i worked as a television engineer i was accustomed to observing slight variations in brightness and contrast and i felt i was seeing a false image of the sky above through this triangular object. the black of the sky inside the triangle was not as black as the night sky. also because we could see the lights and the apparent surface we estimated that this object was quite close and quite huge, no it was massive. my wife claimed to see some slight disruptions in the surface such as portals, but i could not see them. we estimated that night, it must have been 300 yards across. we observed it for probably 1/2 hour, the whole time discussing what we were seeing. it did not move at all during that time, not in the least that we could tell. we agreed to not discuss what we had seen. we had discussed every detail of what we were seeing in that 30 minutes between us and felt there was nothing more to observe, and went inside. the object remained. amazingly, it did not seem ominous or scary neither of us were afraid. we were quite surprised though to see something so big and so close, even though it was an attempt to camouflage itself in the night sky it was not 100% effective. the next day our neighbor to the back came running through the field asking us if we had seen anything the night before. we both denied it and asked what he saw. he said it was a triangle and it was huge. i then admitted we had seen it but agreed to not discuss it. later, my wife and i went near a local football field knowing it was 100 yards across and as i stopped at what i figured to be the approximate distance of the object in the sky the night before. i asked my wife if she agreed the football field was now about the same distance as the object in the sky the night before . the triangle we had seen was three times the size of the football field confirming our previous estimation of 300 yards. although i make this report many years later i can say for certain the date. you see my neighbor that also saw it, had connections to phoenix az. he had someone in phoenix send him a copy of a phoenix newspaper from the day after the night of the phoenix lights. he returned a few days later showing us the newspaper. it was definitely the same night of the phoenix lights. if not for that detail, i would have never remembered the date. the night of the phoenix lights was seen at least as far north as southern oregon. to date, other than the three of us that saw it that night , i have never heard other reports of it in oregon. had it not been the night of the phoenix lights i would have written it off as a top secret military craft. upon further evaluation however i fee there is no way the us military had so many "top secret" craft in the sky that it was seen from sonora to oregon.

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Credit: MUFON

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