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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Eva, Alabama on 2016-06-10 19:30:00 - Looked like 4 headlights stacked on top of each other. traveled in direction of front of lights.

1.I was on the phone with a friend sitting on my back porch. 2.I noticed the object because it appeared in my field of view, (actually appeared, did not "fly" into my field of view). it was glowing pretty brightly. about 45 feet behind the porch where i was seated, is a small forested area. it was actually in this area, below the treeline, where the object appeared. it's altitude was perhaps 20 feet off the ground. 3.I had no clue what this object was, but knew immediately that it was something "special" or not man made. 4.It appeared extremely quickly while traveling at full speed, i.E. did not appear and accelerate, but was already going approximately 50-60 mph from my left to my right. at this point, it made a "zig-zag" motion in which it gained about 8 feet of altitude. 5.I was immediately shocked. i exclaimed something profane to my friend on the phone, and then asked her to wait for a minute. 6.So it was going forward, very quickly moved up and slightly backwards at the same speed it was going and continued forward. at this point, it continued forward for another 20-30 feet until i lost sight of it behind an apple tree in the yard and then behind other trees of the forested area behind the yard. i believe, but am not sure, that as it went forward out of view, it's path started to bear to it's own left. notes: i am a veteran, an engineering technician in the civilian world as well for about 19 years, and a former civilian pilot. my eyesight is excellent, and i am being honest. in fact, i would rather people in my community not be aware of this.

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Credit: MUFON

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