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Monday, May 15, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Forest Park, Illinois on 2017-05-15 10:57:00 - Dark, oval-shaped object over chicagoland

I was on my balcony shortly before 11 am, facing east. the object first came to my attention over oak park, to my left. i thought it was a helicopter at first, but realized there was no tail or rotor, and no sound. it was slow-moving, wobbling and seem to almost change shape (thought it was mostly oval). i am tempted to think it was rotating. sometimes an outer edge seemed to catch a reflection from the sun, either top or bottom, but not at the same time. the edges seemed rounded, like an oval. it was mostly dark and dull colored though sometimes seemed faintly maroon or reddish brown. at some points, for a split second, it was invisible and blended in with the sky, which you can see from the attached videos. the object was definitely smaller than a helicopter, and could have been closer in size to a canoe. it moved in a steady path, never changing altitude. i took a photo at 10:57 am and finished taking video at 10:59 am. the object came from the east, going west, but i last spotted it north, going past my condo building. the object was closest to me in the photo and the first video still frame, attached. i only have an iphone, so i snapped a photo and two videos. i had zoomed as much as possible for the first photo, and then took two videos, each about 30 seconds long. the videos are very unremarkable, and my apologies. you have to really strain to see the object moving from center-right to the left. i took screen screen-grabs of the videos and circled the object, to give you a reference point of where to look. there really isn't enough resolution to make out much of anything, but as you can tell from the videos the only sound is ambient noise from outdoors, not the sound of an aircraft or drone. the only thing the video proves is that the object blends into the blue sky for a split second, a few times, as i described. i am certain it wasn't a balloon because it maintained a steady path at a consistent altitude. it wasn't jerky or lurching - it was an a steady aerial path. what is this? i desperately tried to see rotors but there was nothing that i could see, only the oval-ish shape.

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Credit: MUFON

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