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Monday, May 22, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Hillsboro, Oregon on 2017-05-19 10:30:00 - Highly reflective hovering object high in the sky

I was working in my backyard and looked up above my house at the sky. i noticed a silver very highly reflective object hovering there and watched it stay in the exact same place for about 5 minutes. i thought it may be a balloon until i noticed that it just wasn't moving at all with the wind or anything. it was extremely small because it was quite high so i ran into the house to grab the binoculars. even with those it was still quite difficult to see. i could see however that it had a strange shape, not anything like a balloon would be shaped. the center of it was a flat gray color and the outside had a brilliant shine to it all away around the outline of it. you can see that from the pictures that i took through the binoculars with my cell phone. it was literally not moving long enough in the sky that i could sit there and try and fanangle pictures through my binocular lens! i could also see at times it looked like it was spinning because there was some weird thing at the bottom of it that was sticking out a bit from the rest of it and it looked like above that little thing was movement. it hang there hovering in the same place in the sky for probably 30 minutes or so. then i noticed that it started to move east some slowly. as it was moving east, it must have also been moving further south too because it was getting smaller. then before my eyes the thing just disappeared. i felt very strange watching something like that because it lasted about 45 minutes or so, i couldn't take my eyes off of it. i couldn't figure out how something with no wings could stay in the air like that for so long and so still.

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Credit: MUFON

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